Ikkaro ™ It is a website where I capture all the knowledge that I am acquiring on the topics that interest me. Experiments, Arduino, hack, recycle and reuse objects, repairs, Motors, Nature and many more things that I have been collecting during the more than 11 years of life of the blog

Latest Articles

My tutorials, notes and notes of everything I'm learning.

These are the latest blog articles. the latest news on any of the topics we write for those nostalgic for the blog format who are interested in the chronological order of the topics.

Home experiments

One of our main sections, the oldest and the one I love the most. They are experiments that we can do at home with common materials.


Current affairs, news, products and many more interesting things.

An invention website?

Yes. A place to talk about homemade inventions, curious. Solutions that make our lives easier or that we manage to solve a problem and we do not have the necessary tools or materials.

We recycle, we disassemble mechanisms for our inventions, we collect all kinds of objects that other people throw away and we reconvert them.

It is not just about inventions, but about a way of life.

Inventions and little hacks of the day to day that make our lives easier or simply create and invent for pleasure knowing that you can get to do the things you want. For challenging your mind.


I consider myself a naturalist. I have hundreds of photos, books and notes on plants, birds, fauna, mountains, rivers, geology, meteorology and everything related to nature. The articles in this section, in addition to information about a plant or a bird, include data that I am collecting on sightings and experiments that I may be doing.


This is another great area of ​​the web. I talk about books that I read and notes that I take. They are more than reviews, they are annotations that I want to remember and "seeds" of books, paintings, authors, characters, historical events that I want to know more about.

Want to know more?

Despite what it may seem with all these step-by-step tutorials, Ikkaro is a call to flee from utilitarianism.

That is why many hacks, DIY modifications, inventions or experiments of the page do not have a specific purpose or a useful purpose. Rather they are for the pleasure of learning or simply because something can be done in a concrete way though.