What is Stable Diffusion, how to install and use it

images generated with stable diffusion

This is one guide to learn about Stable Diffusion and teach how you can use this tool.

The image above is generated with Stable Diffusion. It has been generated from the following text (prompt)

City skyline with skycrapers, by Stanislav Sidorov, digital art, ultra realistic, ultra detailed, photorealistic, 4k, character concept, soft light, blade runner, futuristic

Stable Diffusion is a text-to-image machine learning model. A deep learning model, of artificial intelligence that allows us to generate images from text that we put as input or input.

It's not the first model or the first tool of this style, right now there's a lot of talk about Dall-e 2, MidJourney, Google Image, but it is the most important because of what it represents. Stable Diffusion is an Open Source project, so anyone can use and modify it. In version 1.4 we have a 4G .cpxt file where the entire pre-trained model comes from, and this is a real revolution.