How to make a homemade prismatic kite

If you want a project to do this weekend. We have found this series of 5 videos that they explain step by step in detail how to make a "prismatic" kite

It is a prismatic kite with a triangular base, and for its construction we will use straws for the structure and tissue paper.

We start with the materials needed to make the kite.


Bumblebee - Kids Paper Kite

We will show how build a simple paper kite, excellent for the little ones to do, either at home or in a workshop.

paper kites

This is the bumblebee kite created by Nile Velez

The kite is a sheet of A3 paper that is doubled, stapled and a sewing thread is attached and is ready to fly.

Therefore, it is ideal, to have the marks where it is necessary to staple, to give the sheets to the children so that they can draw a picture and when they have finished stapling it and play with it.


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