Corrective maintenance

El Corrective maintenance It is the one that is carried out when the failure has already occurred. This is usually the most common in most industries, especially small ones. But that does not mean that it is the best, although for small producers or workshops, the costs or complexity of the preventive and predictive models can make the corrective worthwhile. However, being small, the losses due to inactivity will not be as great as in large companies.

Within this model, not only is the repair of breakdowns or change of parts that do not work, visual or other studies are also usually carried out to determine the status of the system, cleaning, and other maintenance tasks if necessary, such as lubrication, etc.

La advantage here it is clear, since not much protocol is needed, the equipment and facilities are simply used until a fault occurs and when it occurs, then action is taken to repair it as soon as possible. And of course the downside is clear too. And it is that by not taking prevention or prediction measures, it can affect more productivity or repair times ...

Check out 3 important topics: maintenance plan, CMMS tools and Types of maintenance.

Types of corrective maintenance

Within corrective maintenance, due to its nature, you can distinguish between:

  • Planned: you know in advance when it will be done. In this way, it can be done at the most appropriate time or with the least impact on production. By having it planned, less time is also needed, since you will have the personnel, tools, spare parts and everything you need to act.
  • Unplanned: when a breakdown arises unexpectedly, you must act urgently to get the technicians, tools, spare parts and everything you need as soon as possible. But in this case, it is not so easy to guarantee safety, avoid contamination, etc., since you act on the go.

Obviously, the models preventive y predictiveAlthough they try their best to avoid reaching the failures, they do not always succeed. Their impact is reduced or minimized, but sooner or later the moment comes when you have to act in the same way that you act with the corrective model, that is, without anticipating the failure ...

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