How to make a Halloween pumpkin

Last night I did in a hurry my first halloween pumpkin. It is not complicated at all although I had to do it at night and I do not have the necessary lights to take good photos. The pumpkin that you are going to see is always the same although sometimes it looks bright orange and other times it has a more greenish tone.

Materials needed to decorate a Halloween pumpkin

This year I bought a pumpkin, as they put on the label Variety: Halloween, well, it doesn't give us much information, usually from what I've read (to see if someone can confirm it) they use (cucurbita pepoMixed cucurbita, Cucurbita maximaCucurbita moschata) what are the American Pumpkins, which they use for Jack o lantern, that is, the Halloween pumpkin.


How to make a ring with colored pencils

This is one of those little genius that you sometimes find yourself on the web and that they make your day.

Yes, we are going to learn how to make a homemade ring of wooden crayons, and that it looks so, so cool like this

How to make a homemade ring with colored pencils

You really loved it. Well, look how it is done, it is very simple. Although in the photos of the tutorial they use a lathe we can do it in a more homemade way although we will invest more time with some multifunction tool, even with manual tools.


How to make a cover with EVA rubber to charge your mobile

Many times when we charge the mobile We don't know where to leave it and we end up resting it on the floor, or on top of a radiator, on a remote table where the cable is left hanging with the danger that anyone who passes us will throw it at us.

I'm going to do a very simple case to hold the smartphone to the charger itself and forget about these problems.

EVA rubber support or cover for mobile

It can also be done with empty bottle containers, making a little basket, but the result is much uglier.


Recycle cans of tuna

Fantastic and simple craft to do with children. It is recycle or reuse cans of tuna to get candle holders or flower pots. We will obtain great results in a few seconds.

how to make a candle holder with a can of tuna

So let's get down to business.

We will need some used cans and some wooden clothes pegs. With the wooden ones it is very elegant, but with colored plastic tweezers we will also obtain very good results ;-)


Uses of cardboard egg cups

Cardboard egg cups are initially a trivial object, but they can be used for many crafts and uses within the home.

Egg cups to soundproof rooms

This has always been a classic use of egg cups. Due to their shape they trap sound waves very well. So if we have a room with a lot of echo and we want to record audio we can use them to

Today there are much better and cheaper materials both to soundproof a room and to create acoustic screens.


How to make magnetic badges

Do you like beer bottle caps?

Well let's do them magnetic. So that? For put them in the fridge and be able to display them and also to make a magnetic game for example checkers and surely you can think of some more uses.

homemade magnetic plates for refrigerator


How to make a whiteboard

You all know what a White board.

These blackboards that with a special marker you can write and erase as many times as you want.magic white board


How to make a homemade zip lock for plastic bags

Very good and simple trick that allows us seal plastic bags hermetically and at the same time recycle plastic bottles.

It is so simple that there is not much explanation to do.

We cut the cap of a plastic bottle as we see in the figure.

recycle plastic bottles