How to change mac address in ubuntu

Changing the MAC is a matter of privacy. There are different reasons why it is recommended to change the MAC of your device. One of them is if you are going to connect to a public network where there are more users connected.

Remember that the MAC is an identification of the physical hardware, of your network card and is unique to your computer.

It is always recommended, for security, to change the MAC when you connect to a public Wi-Fi network or a VPN.


Browse with proxy

step by step tutorial to navigate with proxy

Browsing with proxy is another way to be able to browse anonymously, or in my case right now to be able to go out in a certain country, that is to say navigate in a way that the webs believe that we are in a certain country ..

The other day I explained how to force TOR, to take us out in a node of a certain country. But once I started with the tests, I could do checks in many countries, but in others like Portugal, I couldn't, because it seems that there are no exit nodes in Portugal and TOR keeps thinking indefinitely.

So I solved the problem connecting to a proxy to simulate browsing from that country.


How to navigate with the ip of the country we want with TOR

sail with tor through the country we want

Sometimes we want to navigate pretending that we are in a certain country, that is, hiding our real IP and using another from the country we choose.

We may want to do this for many reasons:

  • browse anonymously,
  • services that are only offered if you navigate from a certain country,
  • offers when hiring services,
  • check how a website that contains geolocated elements works.

In my case it was the last option. After implementing several plugins on a WordPress website, I needed to check that it displayed the data correctly to users in each country.


How to see hidden password with dots or asterisks

How to see password that we have forgotten and is hidden by dots or asterisks

Sure sometime You have forgotten a password but your browser remembers it even though it is hidden with dots or asterisks and in the end you end up changing it. Well, there are several methods to see this password, I know two, go to preferences of our browser to see where it saves the password and the second is the method that we are going to teach very, very simple and more powerful because it allows us to see passwords saved in fields , that is to say, that although we have not saved them and of course, it is not in our browser, we can see them.

This is very useful if for example you work as a team and someone puts an API in a form, as in WordPress, this way you can quickly retrieve it to reuse it elsewhere.

I leave you the video with teaching how to do it and below I explain the two methods in traditional format (inspector and browser password manager)