How to change mac address in ubuntu

Changing the MAC is a matter of privacy. There are different reasons why it is recommended to change the MAC of your device. One of them is if you are going to connect to a public network where there are more users connected.

Remember that the MAC is an identification of the physical hardware, of your network card and is unique to your computer.

It is always recommended, for security, to change the MAC when you connect to a public Wi-Fi network or a VPN.


How to make the laptop not go to sleep when lowering the screen

How to use a laptop with the lid closed

There are several reasons for wanting our laptop does not change state when lowering the screen, that is, it continues to work without shutting down or going to sleep. The main reason is that you will be using your laptop as a tower, connecting an external display and other peripherals such as a USB keyboard and mouse.

This summer to work I have preferred to connect the Benq LED monitor that you see in the image, which is bigger and looks much better than the TFT of my old Dell XPS 15 that is 12 or 13 years old and I had to configure it. It's not difficult, but since it doesn't appear in the configuration menu, you have to do it by editing a file.


How to see the IP in Linux

how to know my ip in linux

The theme of knowing, or finding out the IP that we have is something recurrent. Let's see how to do it on a Linux device.

In this article I am going to teach you how to check the public IP in the browser, with the console and how to obtain it and save it in our .sh scripts with BASH

In addition to this, we will also see how to check our private IP and the difference between the two.


Scratch for Linux (Scratux Ubuntu)

Scratch alternatives for linux

I start to play Scratch and I see with disgust that they exist desktop applications for Windows, MacOS, ChromeOS and Android app but there is no official application for Linux.

There was an application for Linux and they discontinued it. Your message right now is

For now, the Scratch App is not compatible with Linux. We are working with contributors and the open-source community to find a way for Scratch to work on Linux in the future. Stay informed!

It is true that the online version can be used from the browser. But I like desktop applications because they have the advantage that we can continue using them even without an Internet connection and that if we want to focus on the task we can close the browser with the other thousands of tabs, which is always a source of distraction.


How to run .py files

how to run .py files with Python code

The files with a .py extension contain Python programming language code. In this way when you execute the file that sequence of code is executed.

Unlike a .sh file which executes instructions that any Linux system can execute, for a .py file to work you will have to install Python.

This is the first thing you have to do if you want to start learning to program with Python.


How to add watermark quickly and in bulk

add watermark quickly and in bulk

This is the method I currently use to add watermarks or watermarks to blog images. I usually have enough photos for articles and with this bash script I add the watermark in 2 or 3 seconds.

A while ago i used GIMP for mass editing. This option, which we saw on the blog still valid, but this seems much faster to me and as I say is what I am using now.

This method is also ideal for photographers who have to pass marked images to clients, since in a few seconds you have them processed

Of course, it is a solution for Linux users, I am using Ubuntu. Now I leave you the script and a step-by-step explanation so that you can not only use it but also understand what it does and start learning BASH. There are only 8 lines.


How to navigate with the ip of the country we want with TOR

sail with tor through the country we want

Sometimes we want to navigate pretending that we are in a certain country, that is, hiding our real IP and using another from the country we choose.

We may want to do this for many reasons:

  • browse anonymously,
  • services that are only offered if you navigate from a certain country,
  • offers when hiring services,
  • check how a website that contains geolocated elements works.

In my case it was the last option. After implementing several plugins on a WordPress website, I needed to check that it displayed the data correctly to users in each country.


How to run .sh files

how to execute sh file
Discover how to run it with the terminal and double clicking

The files with extension .sh are files that contain scripts, commands in bash language, which runs on Linux. SH is a Linux shell that tells the computer what to do.

In a way we could say that it would be comparable to the Windows .exe.

There are different ways to run it. I'm going to explain 2. One with the terminal and another with the graphical interface, that is, with the mouse, that when you double-click it is executed. You can see it in the video and below is the step by step for those who prefer traditional tutorials.


Recovering an old Linux computer

computer brought to life thanks to a lightweight Linux distribution

I continue with the PC and gadget repairs although this cannot in itself be considered a repair. But it is something that every time they ask me more. Put some operating system that makes them work on computers with older or older hardware.

And although I tell you a little about the decisions I have made in this specific case, it can be extended much more. I will try to update and leave what I have done each time the case is presented.

Follow the series of articles on computer repair. Common things that anyone can fix in our house like when the computer turns on but you don't see anything on the screen.


Anaconda Tutorial: What it is, how to install it and how to use it

Anaconda Data Science, big data and pytho, R distribution

In this article I leave a Anaconda installation guide and how to use your Conda package manager. With this we can create development environments for python and R with the libraries we want. Very interesting to start messing with Machine Learning, data analysis and programming with Python.

Anaconda is a free and Open Source distribution of the Python and R programming languages ​​widely used in scientific computing (Data ScienceData Science, Machine Learning, Science, Engineering, predictive analytics, Big Data, etc).

It installs a large number of applications widely used in these disciplines all at once, instead of having to install them one by one. . More than 1400 and that are the most used in these disciplines. Some examples

  • Numpy
  • pandas
  • Tensorflow
  • scipy
  • Jupyter
  • Dashboard
  • OpenCV
  • matplotLib