How to configure TP-Link Router and DIGI card

tp-link mr600 router with Digi card

For a few years I have needed WIFI in an area with little coverage, where no cable, no fiber, or anything else reaches. The companies in the area with WiMax technology do not cover it either, so I have been with an Orange 4G router for several years. I didn't get much bandwidth, only 3 -5 Mb but that worked for me. This year it did not exceed 200Kb so I had to look for options.

After trying several acquaintance cards. The company that works best for me is DIGI and to use its 4G coverage I have compared a 4g router, The Tp-link Archer MR600 and the results after a small configuration have been very good, achieving 15 to 20Mb of download.


How to create alerts in Wallapop

This is a simple trick, really a nice setup, of our Wallapop app to notify us when a new product appears that we are looking for. In this way we will not have to always be entering and looking for what is new.

Just We create the alerts we need and it will send us notifications.fications when they post a new product that meets the characteristics we have chosen in the filters.

A clear example is looking for a Nintendo Switch. We can make Wallapop notify us with a notification when someone sells a Nintendo Switch, up to a certain price, with a distance filter, etc.


El Carmen de Onda Natural Science Museum

On August 3 we visited the Museo del Carmen de Onda. A natural science museum that is sure to arouse the interest of the youngest members of the family. It is ideal to make a visit that will last about 2 hours and that costs € 5 per person or to organize school excursions.

If you are in the area you can visit the museum and the Caves of San José of the Vall d'Uixó.


Visit to the caves of San José and the Iberian town

On August 14 we made this visit with the girls. Although the best known destination are lAs Cuevas de San José with its underground river, 200m up the mountain you have the site of the Iberian-Roman town, which is an Asset of Cultural Interest. So it is ideal to do the joint visit. Of course, for the town I recommend going with a guide if you want to find out something.

It is spectacular to go with or without children and ideal to go with them, they are left with their mouths open throughout the 40-minute journey and then it allows us to explain many things to them.

In the caves they do not allow taking photos, except at a certain point and we do them without flash. So I only leave 2 photos of me and the rest I have taken from the official website.


Home heat, climate and air conditioning

Climate, heat and domestic air conditioners

This post was born as a result of the article Too hot to live published in National Geographic of July 2021 and written by Elizabeth Royte, where you can see the problems that excess heat causes in humans and their bodies, the problem of increasing temperatures on Earth and air conditioning technology and how to improve it.

There is a serious problem. To combat high temperatures and their effects we need refrigeration. But it consumes a huge amount of electricity and more and more people, especially in poor areas, will need it.

As it looks in the problem section, the data is monstrous. There are already initiatives to find new ways to cool and improve the efficiency of available appliances. If you are looking for a new project to dedicate yourself to, this one could help a lot of people.

A similar subject dealt with at Ikkaro was the construction of a fridge that works without electricity.


The great lakes of North America

lake superior, of the great lakes of north america

This article are notes taken on the Great Lakes of North America, a colossal landform that has fascinated me. The notes are taken from an article by and from the National Geographic documentary, I leave the bibliography at the end.

I hope you enjoy and find useful all the dates that I leave. Now when I read about the native Indians that inhabited this area I will be able to understand its immensity.

Novels and essays that we talked about on the blog and are set in Native North American Comanche and Crazy Horse and Custer


New themes and new direction of the web

New direction and new themes for the web

Now yes. It is the biggest change in Ikkaro in 12 years. And look, I've done things on the web and on the web. After much thought I have decided to turn Ikkaro into a more personal website. Until now everything I published passed a filter. Everything was closely related. Now some things are going to appear that can deviate from the usual course. But I know that as important as the chosen topic is the approach, the way of presenting it and the consistency with the rest of the web.

I want the web not to be an end but to use it as a means, as a tool. I want to stop posting just finished things to start using it to gather information on things to do. Of ideas that arise, of tests that fail.

Why am I not going to tell an experience or a talk that I have had with someone if I have extracted interesting things? From the moment I make Ikkaro my only personal website, the whole context changes. I will win in fun.

In the end, we are everything we do, everything that happens to us and interests us and it is good to reflect it here. I have already unified some websites and themes that I had dispersed and that are already integrated in Ikkaro.


Special gifts from kings

Rubik 2x2, priamidal, 4x4 and dodecahedron cube kit

I usually share the gifts of kings on the blog, it is almost a tradition. Luckily they leave me things that I like, without asking for them and that gives rise to talk on the blog. Now with two 3 and 5 year old girls in addition to my gifts, hers are starting to get very interesting.

This year I decided not to publish the entry, and then to my surprise because I thought it was not interesting, several people asked me about it. And this article is about them, about these people who have encouraged me with their comments and emails. I'm sorry for the delay in the publication, but due to different personal issues it couldn't have been before.

Let's go with a round of the most interesting.


Dodecahedron calendars for 2018

2018 dodecahedron calendar

If you're looking for calendar for your desk for 2018, beautiful and that is cheap and easy to build nothing like these printable templates to make dodecahedrons. As you may have already thought, there are 12 faces of the regular polygon, one for each month :) In his day we talked about perpetual calendar, which is another good option to manufacture well in wood, paper or cardboard.

The templates of the assemblies in the article are made with the following online tool, very intuitive and easy to use. It's about a dodecahedron calendar generator.

It is very, very simple. You choose between the two types of dodecahedra that it offers, the year of the calendar, language, if you want the week number to appear or not and the format it generates, which can be PDF or postscript and download.


My 85 ″ LCD Writing Tablet LZS8,5 (Boggie Board)

This is the story of how unintentionally I ended up with an LCD Writing Tablet. I was browsing, like every day and I saw an offer on Gearbest for what I thought was a digital graphics tablet, we are like the Wacom but at € 8. Eight euros !!! As bad as it was, it was worth doing 4 things that I sometimes have in mind. So I bought it.

Review of my 85 "LCD writng tablet lzs8,5

The surprise comes when I receive it and I see that it is very fine and that it has nothing to connect it to anywhere, or to load it or anything. So I went back to the file and yes ... I have in my possession an LCD Writing Tablet, which in the rush I think the name misled me. Some call it Boggie Board, although this is a brand that represents the product.