The great lakes of North America

lake superior, of the great lakes of north america

This article are notes taken on the Great Lakes of North America, a colossal landform that has fascinated me. The notes are taken from an article by and from the National Geographic documentary, I leave the bibliography at the end.

I hope you enjoy and find useful all the dates that I leave. Now when I read about the native Indians that inhabited this area I will be able to understand its immensity.

Novels and essays that we talked about on the blog and are set in Native North American Comanche and Crazy Horse and Custer


I return to the YouTube channel to supplement information

Youtube channel Ikkaro

I've started posting "again" on the Youtube channel. During these years I had left 12 videos about different things, but I have started to publish constantly.

The last three videos that I have recorded correspond to posts that I have also published on the blog, but it will not always be like that. The idea of ​​the YouTube channel is to complement the information on the blog and if I get it, it can have a life of its own. I want to publish certain things that are interesting but that are too simple to have a post of my own or for which the video format is more suitable than the written one.

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The latest videos for you to see if you are interested in subscribing have been:


New themes and new direction of the web

New direction and new themes for the web

Now yes. It is the biggest change in Ikkaro in 12 years. And look, I've done things on the web and on the web. After much thought I have decided to turn Ikkaro into a more personal website. Until now everything I published passed a filter. Everything was closely related. Now some things are going to appear that can deviate from the usual course. But I know that as important as the chosen topic is the approach, the way of presenting it and the consistency with the rest of the web.

I want the web not to be an end but to use it as a means, as a tool. I want to stop posting just finished things to start using it to gather information on things to do. Of ideas that arise, of tests that fail.

Why am I not going to tell an experience or a talk that I have had with someone if I have extracted interesting things? From the moment I make Ikkaro my only personal website, the whole context changes. I will win in fun.

In the end, we are everything we do, everything that happens to us and interests us and it is good to reflect it here. I have already unified some websites and themes that I had dispersed and that are already integrated in Ikkaro.


Special gifts from kings

Rubik 2x2, priamidal, 4x4 and dodecahedron cube kit

I usually share the gifts of kings on the blog, it is almost a tradition. Luckily they leave me things that I like, without asking for them and that gives rise to talk on the blog. Now with two 3 and 5 year old girls in addition to my gifts, hers are starting to get very interesting.

This year I decided not to publish the entry, and then to my surprise because I thought it was not interesting, several people asked me about it. And this article is about them, about these people who have encouraged me with their comments and emails. I'm sorry for the delay in the publication, but due to different personal issues it couldn't have been before.

Let's go with a round of the most interesting.


Dodecahedron calendars for 2018

2018 dodecahedron calendar

If you're looking for calendar for your desk for 2018, beautiful and that is cheap and easy to build nothing like these printable templates to make dodecahedrons. As you may have already thought, there are 12 faces of the regular polygon, one for each month :) In his day we talked about perpetual calendar, which is another good option to manufacture well in wood, paper or cardboard.

The templates of the assemblies in the article are made with the following online tool, very intuitive and easy to use. It's about a dodecahedron calendar generator.

It is very, very simple. You choose between the two types of dodecahedra that it offers, the year of the calendar, language, if you want the week number to appear or not and the format it generates, which can be PDF or postscript and download.


My 85 ″ LCD Writing Tablet LZS8,5 (Boggie Board)

This is the story of how unintentionally I ended up with an LCD Writing Tablet. I was browsing, like every day and I saw an offer on Gearbest for what I thought was a digital graphics tablet, we are like the Wacom but at € 8. Eight euros !!! As bad as it was, it was worth doing 4 things that I sometimes have in mind. So I bought it.

Review of my 85 "LCD writng tablet lzs8,5

The surprise comes when I receive it and I see that it is very fine and that it has nothing to connect it to anywhere, or to load it or anything. So I went back to the file and yes ... I have in my possession an LCD Writing Tablet, which in the rush I think the name misled me. Some call it Boggie Board, although this is a brand that represents the product.


The Knolling

My search for the Knolling begins without my knowing it from images of Todd MacLellan and his book Things Come Apart: A Teardown Manual for Modern Live Those exploded images made me fall in love, and looking for more information about the author I have come to know Knolling as a method of organization, but also as an art form, to create beauty from everyday objects.

Knolling exploded into artwork from Todd Mclellan's book Things Come Apart

After years of disassembling objects and leaving the pieces of everything to free will, it can be a very interesting and beautiful way to proceed to disassemble. It has convinced me.


What is Kippel

kippel, a word invented by Piliphe K. dick to designate useless objects in Blade runner

Preparing a article on kaleidocycles I have come to the concept of Kippel and I could not resist sharing it with you since it is a word that every Maker needs.

Kippel appears in the novel by Philip K. Dick Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Surely better known as Blade RunnerMythical, science fiction novel and movie I read years and years ago. Well, here Kipple defines:


BioCoder, magazine about DIY Bio

I have followed her since her birth in 2013 although right now I have many numbers pending to read, but I have already started to catch up ;-)

The magazine BioCoder, is a free magazine from O'Really dedicated to DIY Bio. It is presented quarterly with essays on DIYBio, the DIY but applied to biology, synthetic biology, genetic engineering, etc.

Why do I recommend it? Because a perfect way to introduce you to the world of Bio DIY, but above all because introduces us to a large number of new projects and Open Hardware tools that will make us realize the dimension and importance that DIY is acquiring

BioCoder, o'really's free DIY bio magazine

If you are worried that it is too complicated, calm down. It is not very technical and can follow all the tests even if you have not started in this world, yes, it is in English.


PCL or polycaprolactone

If this is the first time you hear this name, you are in luck because today you are going to be surprised. PCL is a thermoplastic plastic that we can mold with our hands when heating it around 60ºC and that hardens in the cold and we can repeat the process over and over again, hundreds of times.

which can be made with pl or plastimake, instamorph or polymorph

As it cools, it becomes hard and tenacious, does not conduct electricity or heat, is non-toxic and biodegradable. It seems the perfect solution for our inventions doesn't it?

To me reminds me of the Sugru, but being able to reuse it and it seems that it is more difficult to manipulate. Although of course being able to reuse it over and over again is a very important point.

See how magic happens….