BioCoder, magazine about DIY Bio

I have followed her since her birth in 2013 although right now I have many numbers pending to read, but I have already started to catch up ;-)

The magazine BioCoder, is a free magazine from O'Really dedicated to DIY Bio. It is presented quarterly with essays on DIYBio, the DIY but applied to biology, synthetic biology, genetic engineering, etc.

Why do I recommend it? Because a perfect way to introduce you to the world of Bio DIY, but above all because introduces us to a large number of new projects and Open Hardware tools that will make us realize the dimension and importance that DIY is acquiring

BioCoder, o'really's free DIY bio magazine

If you are worried that it is too complicated, calm down. It is not very technical and can follow all the tests even if you have not started in this world, yes, it is in English.


PCL or polycaprolactone

If this is the first time you hear this name, you are in luck because today you are going to be surprised. PCL is a thermoplastic plastic that we can mold with our hands when heating it around 60ºC and that hardens in the cold and we can repeat the process over and over again, hundreds of times.

which can be made with pl or plastimake, instamorph or polymorph

As it cools, it becomes hard and tenacious, does not conduct electricity or heat, is non-toxic and biodegradable. It seems the perfect solution for our inventions doesn't it?

To me reminds me of the Sugru, but being able to reuse it and it seems that it is more difficult to manipulate. Although of course being able to reuse it over and over again is a very important point.

See how magic happens…. 


Calculations to build a homemade kart with an electric drill

Some time ago I saw a video on Youtube, where they built a simple homemade kart for kids using as a motor a cordless drill.

The mechanics and structure is very simple, and we will see it later, you just have to look closely at the video to play it, but What drill do I have to use? Are they all worth it or does it have to have a minimum of power?

Before launching ourselves to buy the materials and make the go-kart like crazy, we are going to do some simple calculations to be clear about what type of drill will withstand the conditions to which we are going to subject it to the use it as an electric car motor


Build Rosetta and Philae with your kids

If you want to spend a weekend teaching your child more about space, astronomy, science and aeronauticsHere are some resources posted by ESA (European Space Agency) for teachers and children.

Rosetta and Philae papercraft model

You can take advantage of the fact that the subject is current and they speak on TV to introduce the subject to your child. That an object has been sent from the earth to a comet at 500 million km and traveling at 60.000 km / h has to impress you. Well, this is what the Mission Rosetta with the Philae probe.


Fletcher Winch Rotary Table

Surely you have seen on social networks an animated image of a table that begins to rotate and opens, forming a star in the center and that ends up being much larger than at the beginning.

Fletcher winch table

Well, if you are curious you will like to know that it is a Fletcher Capstan Table or translated Fletcher's winch table and it's worth around $ 50.000. It is "very" used in cruise ships and luxury yachts


Tabby. Build your DIY Open Source car

We meet him OSV (Open Source Vehicle) project a platform to build our own electric or hybrid car. It is an Open Source project so we can download all the plans and information necessary to build, manufacture, modify and improve what we need.

how to build a car yourself DIY, the TAbby

In my faculty the urban legend ran that the most illustrious of his professors José Luis Manglano, the man who did not walk but rather levitated, had bought his Porsche 911 in pieces and had assembled it all by himself… well now we can finally imitate him; -)


Airless or non-pneumatic wheels

This is one of those themes that I like even if it is not a DIY. It is not current, because it has been talking about this type of airless wheels or non-pneumatic wheels for a few years, I think since 2002 approximately.

Heavy Machinery None Pneumatic Tweel Wheels

If you have never seen a wheel of this style, it will shock you especially when you watch some videos and discover what they are capable of holding. I leave one for you to get into the subject. It's from the wheels Michelin tweel

We can all think that the advantages of airless wheels are many, we avoid punctures, breakdowns and maintenance. Less oil is used for tires even ERW tires ensure vehicle performance is improved. But if all are advantages, why are they not commercial? I have never seen cars, or bikes, not even in heavy construction machinery, which is where its use is most common.


The world's largest utility knife

HR swiss multipurpose knives have always been an emblem of DIY. My first screwdriver was built into a multipurpose knife, which although it was not Swiss but cheap, it got you out of a lot of trouble :)

The Swiss utility knife with the Guinness record for the largest pocket knife in the world

And who does not remember MacGyver always another DIY icon with his knife always in tow doing all kinds of hacks and improvised experiments, with whatever he found.