Anecdote of Niels Bohr, father of the atomic model

This is a story or anecdote that happened to me some time ago by mail. It is old and I cannot confirm if it is true or not, but it is worth reading anyway, as it reflects how things should be in education.

Sir Ernest Rutherford, President of the British Royal Society and Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1908, told the following anecdote:

Some time ago, I received a call from a colleague. He was about to give a student a zero for the answer he had given in a physics problem, despite the fact that the student firmly affirmed that his answer was absolutely correct. Teachers and students agreed to request arbitration from someone impartial and I was chosen. I read the test question: 'Show how it is possible to determine the height of a building with the help of a barometer.


Free courses

Here you have a link that I think will be very interesting. It is a portal with free courses from MIT


You can find almost everything, from archeology to linguistics, going through the topics that I suppose most interest us readers of Ikkaro, physics, chemistry and various engineering such as mechanics, electronics, aeronautics
I am taking a look at what is in electronic engineering and computer science

where in some of the courses they give us the possibility to download the pdf of the classes.

This a good resource that we find as we have already said in but if you still have doubts you can solve them in the faqs

All this if you want it in Spanish, but if you don't mind immersing yourself in English, head over to where you will find more than 1800 free courses at your disposal.

Free language courses by the BBC

As I'm getting used to it, here they go free resources so that you form and be helpful people :)

In this case I leave you with the BBC website, where they give us free language courses. Up to 15 different languages ​​and language courses for beginners in 12 weeks.

free language courses by the BBC


Luminescent Liquid - FAKE?

On summer nights you can see fireflies, but what is shining in them. A battery and a tiny bulb will not be found in the abdomen of these insects, the cause is the chemiluminescence which is the phenomenon that in some chemical reactions released energy it is not only emitted in the form of heat or chemical energy but in the form of light.

Today that mysterious cold light surprises us, in fairs, parties or mountaineering or sailing shops you can see green, yellow or red chemical light candles made by similar procedures. But it is not enough to buy one of these gadgets you have to do them by own means.