How to make a hamster wheel out of a hard drive

Here we have another way to take advantage of an old hard drive, doing with him a wheel for hamsters. The idea of ​​this "technological" hamster wheel is to make it as quiet as possible so that the noise of the hamster running inside does not disturb us.

hamster running in wheel made with a hard disk

If you would like to buy silent hamster wheels at your pet store you will notice that they are quite expensive. With this hack, you will get your hamster to run at the speed of light without making any noise.

We will need a hard disk, from which we have to extract the motor shaft.


Homemade bird feeders

How to make bird feeders for garden and balconies

In this article we collect different bird feeder models. Both commercial models that you can buy and other homemade ones that you can make at home.

It is a pleasant and educational activity to do whether you are nature lover as if you have children. If you like nature you can enjoy the birds, their activities and their songs. It doesn't matter if you live in a flat. Of course, in a garden you will enjoy it more, but by putting feeders in your window you can also help and enjoy it.

On the other hand, if you have children, it is an ideal way to investigate the different birds that are in your area, what they eat, which ones we can feed, etc, etc. The face of a child when he sees that the birds are going to eat at his feeder is one of absolute happiness.

The feeders can be complemented with the nest boxes for the birds to breed. But this is a more complex topic and one that we will address in detail in another article.


How to make a homemade CO2 generator for aquariums

For all those who have or are thinking of setting up an aquarium, I am sure that this information will be useful ;-)

Is how to make a homemade CO2 generator for aquariums.

The CO2 generator is used in to accelerate the photosynthesis of plants, making them grow and reproduce quickly, and at the same time it is used as a PH reducer.

For the CO2 generation itself, only sugar, natural yeast (royal yeast are not recommended because it contains some chemical components) and distilled water.

The support is made with bottles of Coca-Cola.