Build a solar oven or solar cooker

Summer is escaping here in Spain, and it took me a long time to post this node. I would have liked to put it at the beginning of it, where it is easier to see the operation of a solar oven. At least I hope that the people of Latin America who read the blog, can take advantage of it because I think they are entering now

Un oven or solar cooker It consists of an "object" that concentrates the rays of the sun reflected on its surface at one point. In this way, a large amount of energy is accumulated in a small area, which is enough to boil water and cook.

make solar cooker

If you have never seen a solar oven I recommend this page in its Spanish and English versions, as it is the best I know by far in terms of solar cookers it means. Is about Solar Cooking and Spanish version . Another interesting website to visit is this wiki about solar cookers

If you have taken a look even above, you will see that there are several models, most with parabolic shapesSince this surface has the property of reflecting on a single point the rays, waves, etc. that affect its surface, this property is why it is used at the time of build satellite dishes.

solar kitchen plans

I leave you some solar cooker models and construction plans. From these websites and those mentioned above you can start building without any kind of problem, and create your own new models.


How to build a solar cooker

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