Building a Homemade Steam Engine

Via Argentine Modeling
I have found these instructions on how to build a simple steam engine that works quite well.

Motor parts:

  • The piston is turned on a bronze screw
  • The one-piece bronze cylinder that is used in gas that is hexagonal (one of the flats I use as the engine valve) of cylinder head use a copper coin soldered with tin
  • Use a piece of aluminum heatsink as a joint between the cylinder frame and the cylinder bracket.
  • A piece of bronze already finished with four faces that takes it out of an electrical terminal block is the piece that supports the cylinder and is in charge of feeding the cylinder with steam
  • A key that I take out of a gas cylinder for air conditioning as a stopcock for the boiler which I will control with a servo.

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Eolipíla or Aeolus of Heron

La Eolipila or Aeolus of Heron is considered as the first heat engine in history.

Its inventor was the Greek engineer and mathematician Heron of Alexandria (The Elder) of the XNUMXst century AD Heron is considered one of the greatest inventors of all antiquity, his studies and works are representative of the Hellenistic era.

Of his best known inventions are Heron's fountain and the Eolipila (aelópilo or aélópila) of which we are going to speak next. In addition to multiple studies on mathematics, optics and pneumatics of which he was the inventor.

eolipila or heron's aeolus

La Aeolipila, It is formed by a hollow sphere from which two curved tubes come out through which the water vapor comes out and makes it rotate.