Cirin RC car powered by rubber bands

Suddenly you see them and you fall in love with their appearance. Because it is beautiful, very beautiful and when you start to look and see what it is capable of, you just want to have one, make one like that.

Her name is Cirin, she is a radio-controlled car powered by rubber bands. no batteries, it is much better to say that it is elastic energy, but in reality it is a 4,5 meter rubber strip.

Designed by Max Greenberg, Cirin RC

 This "engine" does not seem to give us much fun. But Cirin is capable of reaching almost 50 km / h at top speed and can travel around 150 meters, it is not much autonomy, but much more than what I expected for a piece of rubber. What has impressed me is the top speed, incredible.

With an inspired design as it says Max greenberg, one of its creators, in 1950's racing cars and in bird bones.


Introduction to electric helicopters

I'm going to start a series of posts dedicated to electric RC helicopters.

As with model airplanesWith advances in technology and with China manufacturing cheaper and cheaper, RC helicopters have been priced very reasonably. (Or at least, as with airplanes, we no longer get depressed if we crash them).

The bulk of this series is going to be the assembly of a medium-size helicopter (70 cm rotor diameter), which I am going to show step by step. The reasons for this choice are various, and the main one, the price, since the chassis kit shown in the photo is worth only 8 euros.


Model aircraft, building IKKARO 002, introduction.

We are going to start the construction of another electric model, Ikkaro 002.

 In keeping with the spirit of this blog, I will use more than conventional materials, cardboard, from a packaging of an Ikea furniture and a stick and a half of mop, (made of aluminum).

 The current appearance of the spawn is as follows,

 Ugly, huh?

 With the first prototype that we did, the flight was more or less guaranteed, due to the low weight of the materials, the surface of the wings and the motorization used.

I recommend the tutorial on electric helicopters. You sure love it too.


Introduction to electric model aircraft. Build the Ikkaro001

I am going to start a series on electric model aircraft, always from the spirit of this website. Economic solutions and experimentation, as well as the didactics of why they are done and how things work. I will describe the elementary equipment, the different parts and how to take advantage of various everyday materials in the manufacture of model airplanes.

If yours are helicopters, I leave you another tutorial to complement with a Introduction to electric helicopters.