Alcohol rocket

En the youtube channel of dealcohol, we can find several experiments carried out with alcohol.

This simple alcohol rocket it has drawn my attention. In the line of very simple rockets to make such as the match rocket or the one for the tea bag. They are games that we can play with our children, always explaining to them the dangers of using fire and taking the necessary measures. Don't do it with them if you think they are going to try it when they are alone or with their friends. You know your children better than anyone else. The benefit of the activity is to generate that curiosity, that fascination, that makes them want to continue learning and experimenting.


This time we will only need

  • a plastic bottle,
  • Burning alcohol, the kind they sell in supermarkets that is tinted blue
  • a lighter


Alcohol is poured into the bottle and we empty it. Then we put it in position and bring the lighter closer to the hole in the plug. So the remnant, the small amount of alcohol that has remained inside on the walls will ignite and push the bottle.

I leave you a couple of videos.

To make it a little more beautiful, instead of leaving the bottle like this on a dry stick, we can paint it, add a wing, the tip of the rocket and above all put some wheels that do not weigh much so that it moves in a more controlled way.

there are other versions of this type of rockets that use as fuel some type of spray like a deodorant. In the homemade rocket section you have many more options that surely interest you.

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  1. Guys, do not try, I saw it and exploded, layers that it was because the hole in the cap was very small, but it does not matter, DO NOT DO IT unless ... THEY HAVE A DOCTOR DAD OR NOT .... 


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