Iacobus by Matilde Asensi

review and notes of the historical novel Iacobus by Matilde Asensi

I will not discover at this point Mateldi asensi nor his novels. Iacobus is the third or fourth that I read, I do not remember well, and as always it is a tremendously well-set novel. Agile, fast and interesting.

Iacobus is ideal when you want a light, historical and adventure reading. You will love it if you like things related to the Templars and the Order of the Temple.


How to run .sh files

how to execute sh file
Discover how to run it with the terminal and double clicking

The files with extension .sh are files that contain scripts, commands in bash language, which runs on Linux. SH is a Linux shell that tells the computer what to do.

In a way we could say that it would be comparable to the Windows .exe.

There are different ways to run it. I'm going to explain 2. One with the terminal and another with the graphical interface, that is, with the mouse, that when you double-click it is executed. You can see it in the video and below is the step by step for those who prefer traditional tutorials.


Lego Boost Move Hub

Lego Boost Brick Move Hub

El Lego Boost robotics kit it is based on three active parts, around which all the rest are assembled.

The most important is the Move Hub that contains a motor with 2 axes and the Bluetooth module to connect with the tablet or mobile. Since everything in Boost is done through its app.

The other two pieces are a second motor and a proximity and color sensor.


What is LEGO Boost

What is lego boost complete guide

LEGO Boost is a robotics starter kit for kids based on LEGO pieces.. It is compatible with traditional LEGO and Techno, so you can use all your pieces in future assemblies.

This Christmas the Three Wise Men gave my 8-year-old daughter a LEGO® Boost. The truth is that I saw him a little early. I did not want to introduce my daughter to complex issues, but she has been asking for it for a long time and the truth is that the experience has been very good.

It is recommended for children from 7 to 12 years old. If your children are used to playing with LEGO, the assembly will not pose any problem. And you will see that between the indications of the app and some explanations from you, they will immediately learn to use block programming.

Its price is around € 150 can buy it here.


Light a bonfire by Jack London

Password and Notes from Lighting a Bonfire by Jack London

I have taken advantage of Filomena's passage through the peninsula and the great drops in temperatures to reread Light a bonfire by Jack London.

As with the Ithaca poem it is a small story wrapped in an edition

The edition

This time the edition that I bought from Cordelia Kingdom that comes with illustrations by Raúl Arias and translation by Susana Carral. This edition also includes the two stories of Lighting a Bonfire that Jack London wrote. The 1907 which is the one that everyone knows and on which the illustrations in the book are based and the 1902 e which is included as an annex and which was the first version he wrote for a literary magazine. Youth's Companion.

You can buy it now at € 7


Ithaca of Cavafis

Ithaca, by constantino Cavafis, from the Nordic publishing house

The Three Wise Men have brought me the edition of a book that I really wanted to have. Ithaca of Cavafis, edition of Nordic Books, with translation by Vicente Fernández González and illustrations by Federico Delicado.

It was my first reading of the year. An edition to have as a little gem and to be able to read and reread it while enjoying its illustrations.

Take a look at the booktrailer to fall in love


How to make cheap nylon line replacement for Bosch brushcutters

make cheap homemade spare parts for bosch

This is not in itself a repair, but a little hack to save us money. Bosch spare parts are tremendously expensive and in this article I will show you how to use nylon line from other brands in Bosch electric brush cutters.

I have an electric brush cutter Bosch AFS 23-37 1000 W of power. It's going great. I am very happy for a non-intensive use like the one I need. It is an electric brush cutter, not a battery one, it has to be connected to electricity to work.

However, However, the highest cost was for the planet. Only one of these wee wee pads takes approximately XNUMX years to decompose. Putting ourselves in the best of cases, a dog uses XNUMX pad daily for only XNUMX years of his life, so when he is a puppy and when he is elder he would use XNUMX soakers in total. If we take into account that only in Spain there are XNUMX million dogs, mostly of mini race, with greater tendency to use wee wee pads and assuming that at least XNUMX% use them, we are talking about a figure of XNUMX wee wee pads that are used daily. Tons and tons of waste are thrown daily to the planet so that our dog does not spoil our house. the brand's official nyon spare parts are very expensive, rather very expensive and is manufactured so that you end up consuming its spare parts. In this case, the nylon thread comes with a kind of bolt in the center that prevents it from escaping.


How to compost

homemade compost and composter

I return to the topic of composting from some videos that I have seen of Charles Dowding which is based on the philosophy of No Dig, No Dig (which we will talk about in another article). Dowding only uses compost in its garden. Compost for everything. And it teaches you both to create it and to use it and as a plant and take care of your garden.

Compost recipes There are dozens, although all are based on the same principle but each one does it in their own way.

I have seen and read a lot of related content and there are people who try to speed it up as much as possible to make the process faster, others who add meat, even cooked food leftovers, but I just can't see that. Adding meat seems like a mistake for this type of aerobic decomposition, another thing is that you compost from urban solid waste, such as those collected in bins, but they are usually done with anaerobic processes and we are talking about something totally different.



cayenne in orchard

Cayenne, another variety of Capsicum chinense It is one of the best known and most used spicy, possibly because although it has a high heat, it is tolerable for most people.

It has many common names: cayenne, cayenne pepper, red pepper, chili pepper.

It has 30.000 to 50.000 SHUs in the Scoville scale.

Moment It is the spicy that best suits the palate that we have at home. It offers an intense itch but without being overdone. Others like the habanero they are already going to scale and itch too much and carolina reaperThey are unthinkable for human consumption, hahaha.

This year I want try the jalapenos.