How to separate the ferrite core from a transformer

This method or trick to separate the ferrite core of the transformers from its winding, I got it from the elemental page in the cheat section.

The main problem for separate winding from core, is that the glue is very stuck being the ferrite quite fragile, and if we try to force it we break it.

To avoid this and remove it without difficulty, you just have to put the transformer Boil it in a saucepan of water for 10 to 15 minutes, so that the glue softens and the winding comes out "without difficulty". Although one of the drawbacks of this method is that we make the winding unusable, but hey… we took advantage of something.

We have tested the method and here are some small commented photos of the experiment.

This is ours small transformer, three columns and a main winding and two secondary ones. East transformer I have had it at home for years, I don't know where I got it from and I have no idea of ​​the ranges it transformed or the coils it is made of, so you are the perfect candidate to disarm.

electrical transformer, ferrite core



How to build a rotating mechanical gyroscope

Jorge Rebolledo He sends us three pictures of the mounting of an electric gyroscope that he has built.

As Jorge tells us a gyroscope or gyroscope is a machine to measure or maintain orientation, based on the principle of conservation of angular momentum. The machine, once in motion, tends to resist changes in its orientation.

Gyros They have also been used to reduce the roll of ships, to stabilize firing platforms and to stabilize inertial platforms on which acceleration sensors are attached for inertial navigation in airplanes and missiles built before the appearance of GPS.

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Rocket with a tea bag

We could say that it is the simplest rocket in the world. You only need the paper of a tea bag ... Read

Dismantling a thermos

photos electric water heater 27 liters

During lunchtime at work, we amused ourselves by dismantling a old electric water heater of 27 liters that was going to be thrown away.

The truth is that I was a bit disappointed, although I knew that its operation was very simple, I hoped to be able to take advantage of many more pieces.

Basically the thermos is a thermally insulated tank that has two electric resistances, which heat the water, a thermostat that regulates the water temperature and two tubes, for the water inlet and outlet. The arrangement of the pipes is important to always have hot water. Cold water enters through a short tube, come on, cold water enters through the base of the thermos, while the outlet tube with hot water is a long tube, which reaches the top of the thermos. In this way, the hot water that accumulates in the lower part always comes out, while the cold water that enters, stays below until the resistance heats it.

Share term I see that you can take advantage the thermostatEven the electrical resistances can be good for us if we need to heat, either water (with the cover they bring) or air, for some mini greenhouse, etc.


Build a simple air conditioner

home air conditionerLet's see how to build a simple homemade air conditioner for students. You only need a fan, a copper tube, some buckets, ice and plastic rubbers.

It's simple and rudimentary but it works. Estop is a translation of Geoff. Also on their website you can find some modifications and improvements on the air conditioning.

Although I think the invention responds more to the concept of a refrigerator than an air conditioning. Really the title should be… How to build an air conditioner or refrigerator with a fan.


Ideas to take advantage of an old hard drive


Today it is very common to find an old 1 or 5 gigabyte hard drive for example, something that we are no longer going to use. And of course we are not going to throw it away, hehehehe

I have to disassemble and recycle a 1 giga hard drive, but that will be later, I will update the post, I promise.

For now, let's just see what can be done with an old computer hard drive. Surely most things you had not thought about.

I have several "retired" hard drives of 1, 4, 30 and 80 Gigs. The 30 and 80 are still reusable, to put a Linux distribution in a PC for my daughters or to use them as a storage unit, the easiest way is to have a Dock Station so as not to have to open the PC and also be able to use it on laptops and Netbooks

I am going to disassemble the two smaller ones to see the exploded view and to be able to identify the parts. At the end you have a list of projects in which you can work with a disc.

Parts of a hard drive

I am editing the exploded images. The main parts are:

  1. Acted
  2. Actuator arm
  3. Actuator shaft
  4. Heads
  5. Disc or platter
  6. disc shaft
  7. IDE connectors
  8. power connectors
  9. jumper

How does it work

We are talking about HDD hard drives at the moment, not SSD, the latter have not yet passed through my hands.

Finally we leave a video that illustrates the operation well.

What to do with a hard drive

If the disk still works, it is best to convert it into an external hard disk, the easiest thing is to buy a Dock Station, which are not very expensive and we can use them externally without having to make any kind of modifications.

Interesting projects to reuse and recycle the parts of hard drives.

  • Great exploding of a hard drive. We start with a very good breakdown of a hard drive, where the parts that we can take advantage of or recycle are indicated


Build a homemade wind generator.

They ask me via mail ,

How to build an electric power generator with a wind-driven car alternator.

Some time ago I saw it online, of course in English, but since I already knew that this information is available here I leave it.

On page Other Power (highly recommended website) show you several projects on wind generators from car alternators.

wind electric turbine

There are several projects and some with translation into Spanish


Build a metal detector

In a few weeks I have received four emails asking me for information on how to make a metal detector. The truth is that … Read