Leopold and Rudolf Blaschka and their Marine Life glass collection

ivda marina collection by the Blaschka
Image Guido Mocafico

Leopold and his son Rudolf Blaschka created zoological models made in the XNUMXth century for scientific use, made from Bohemian glass.

It is one of those objects that could be in any cabinet of curiosities and that I would love to have.

They made 2 collections: Marine Life on marine invertebrate animals and a "herbarium" with plant species for Harvard University.


4D printing

I find out what it is 4D printing and despite thinking that it is something new, looking for information I realize that I already 4D printing has been talked about since 2013. Even so, I think it is something to keep in mind to follow up and see how it evolves and if this technology can one day be used at home.


The Gardens of Monforte

The monforte gardens in Valencia

In this article you will find 2 types of content, the information to get to know the gardens and a diary of those that I find and discover in my different visits to it.

history of the gardens

garden sculptures of monforte

Garden of Monforte or Garden of Romero, is a neoclassical garden with 12.597 square meters. The Marquis of San Juan, D. Juan Bautista Romero, bought this recreational house with his orchard in 1847 and commissioned Sebastián Monleón to transform this orchard into a garden.

Depending on the source where we investigate, he presents them as neoclassical or romantic style gardens with neoclassical episodes.


If...Else Conditions in Python

Conditions are statements that can be true or false. and is defined by True or False.

There are different ways to do conditions in Python.

To set up conditions we will need to know the following symbols we will use to compare values:


How to find duplicate books with Caliber

Duplicate book search options in Caliber

When we have a virtual library of several thousand books it is inevitable to have duplicate books.

If we use Caliber for managing our library, It is very simple find and remove these libros, ebooks, repeated. We just have to install the plugin "Find Duplicates" 


The Engineering of the Roman Army by Jean Claude Golvin

roman army engineering

It is a visually very attractive book, with a large format and very good illustrations. Now, it has made me short in terms of content. roman army engineering is edited by Desperta Ferro Ediciones and its authors are Jean-Claude Golvin and Gerard Coulon.

It is true that both at the beginning of the books and in the conclusions they explain the objective of the book, which is demonstrate the participation of the Roman army in the great public works (which he demonstrates only with concrete examples that I think are not generalizable). Thus, the book, which is divided into the great land works, aqueducts, roads, bridges, mines and quarries, colonies and cities, shows examples of this type of construction in which the participation of the legions is documented in some way.

But everything is very brief, on the one hand I would have liked them to delve into the engineering aspect of the type of construction, since only very general information is given. In this sense the book has disappointed me.


Ali Smith Spring

Ali Smith's Spring, third book of the tetralogy

You can't cry because summer is starting, he says. I could understand that you cry for the arrival of winter. But for the summer?

I come to review Spring by Ali Smith a few weeks after finishing reading it to allow time, for the euphoria to pass and to really see the residue that the book leaves behind… In the end. I publish the review months after reading it and with a calmer vision and having read Fall, the Ali Smith classic. The review is a mix of impressions from months ago and now.

The first thing, although it is a cliché, applies here more than ever. It is not a book for everyone. It is a writing that we could call experimental. It had 70 pages and it was still not clear what the book was about. But I loved it. It's like watching a river make its way.


Lego® Charm | Disney. The Madrigal house and more

The movie collection Disney charm in LEGO consists of three sets. It is ideal for all fans of the adventures of the members of the Madrigal house, Mirabel, Bruno and all the members of this curious house.

Choose the set that you like the most. If you don't have it yet, start with...

The Madrigal house (43292)

The Set recreates the famous Madrigal house from the movie Enchantment on 3 floors. Main element of the film and that we could consider as one more character, since the strength of the Madrigals and their powers lies in the importance of the family, and in this case it is represented by this funny house with magic doors, secret passages and tiles who communicate with Mirabel.


My father and his museum by Marina Tsvetaeva

My parents and their museum by Marina Tsvetaeva

I bought My father and his museum from Marina Tsvietáeva because of a recommendation from Twitter, as well as being from Acantilado, an editorial that up to now has always hit the mark with my tastes.

The truth is that I thought it would deal more with the museum theme and this has disappointed me a little. I love museums and their management fascinates me. We usually go to see museums with the family and recently I have started to document these visits as:

The book is complemented by another volume by the same author entitled My mother and music.

The book consists of 8 short stories. The first 3 written in Russian and the remaining 5, those of the second part adapted to the French taste. According to the publisher, there are 5 very short stories, some barely reaching a couple of pages. They are rewritten anecdotes from long stories.