Basilisk by Jon Bilbao

Basilisk novel by Jon Bilbao

Basilisco, by Jon Bilbao is a great book, although coming from the publisher Impedimenta it does not surprise me.

We cannot begin this work without knowing what it is a basilisk, a mythological creature that can kill with its sight. With the body of a snake and a crest, it was considered the king of snakes. there are a lot of mythology behind it, and this is not the article for it.

I liked it very much, but I have been left with the feeling that I have not finished understanding everything, that I have fringes in the air that I have not managed to capture and that it needs a second reading.

I really like the small negative thoughts that the character has, especially in his relationship with his partner. I really liked all the psychic development of the main character, the writer.


An engineer who leaves his job to live life and write makes a trip with his partner to the US where they will tell him the story of John Dunbar that he will be in charge of writing.

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There are 2 well differentiated plots, that of the writer and his life and that of the story that they tell him about John Dunbar and the archaeological expedition in the Far West, in search of those fossilized giant dinosaur bones that fascinated people in their day I did not understand what kind of animals they were. This is the Western part of the novel.

If you like the Western part, it is very easy for you to like all the novels set in Frontera, there is a very good collection, Valdemar Frontera Collection and in the blog we have talked about Crazy Horse and Custer and Comanche

The feeling we have of failure, and that we are wrong in our judgments, and that debate between guilt and shame ... that's because we are human beings. So try to remember only one thing. It wasn't your fault.

ALAN LE MAY, Centaurs of the Desert


The discovery of Fossil remains of gigantic dinosaurs in the USA, fueled adventure and imagination of the time.

I suppose there are many books where they deal with this subject but since I have only read it in one it has irremediably reminded me of it. I saw it for the first time in West from Carys Davies, where a farmer goes on an adventure to find the great animals that own the bones told by explorers. He abandons everything and part of Pennsylvania to the west in search of them.

On the other hand, the strangest part of the novel where the character is embedded within the author, reminds me of when Roland the gunman, walked through a portal and stepped inside a person from another world in The gunman, from the series The Dark Tower by Stephen King. Only there I understood perfectly and here I have not really known what was happening.


I leave this section here and not at the end as usual because the next section (Misunderstandings) comes with spoilers.

I am very interested in everything related to paleontological discoveries of the first exploring naturalists of North America.

Also inquire into the basilisk mythology.


THIS LAST SECTION CARRIES SPOILERS. I do not recommend reading it if you have not read the work.

As I have commented on the passage where the Spider, John Dunbar get into the protagonist. I think the idea was to show a mimicry between the characters, a way to cross the paths of the two, to make us see how the protagonist ends up being a new Basilisk.

But as I say they are assumptions, it has really thrown me off the hook.

The psychological degradation of the character is parallel to that of John Dunbar, although Dunbar, the Basilisk, with a component of physical violence that surrounds him in death, that of the author of an internal destruction separating all people from their environment, a Social basilisk.

For this reason, it seems to me that the chapter of the fusion of the Spider and John Dunbar to create the basilisk within the writer.

I also would have liked an ending that gave more explanations.

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