El human It is made up of a multitude of compounds that perform a specific and vital function for it, for example, calcium has a structural function (bone hardness). When dipping a pickled bone and leave it for several days, you can see how it softens and can even bend or break with your fingers. This is because heacetic acid (vinegar) solution "steals" minerals from bone by reacting with them and generating, for example, calcium acetate. In this way, the amount of calcium is decreased, which causes a osteoporosis extreme.

The elements necessary to generate this experiment are:

  • Cooked and cleaned chicken bones.
  • Vinegar
  • Glass jar

Steps to follow:

Make sure the bones and jar are clean. Then take the glass jar and fill it with vinegar and introduce the washed and dry chicken bone, cover after having placed the bone in the jar.

In this situation, it is allowed to rest for a week, during which time the vinegar inside the bottle will be changed at least twice. It can be noticed that the smell before changing it is no longer vinegar, but something different (the calcium acetate generated in the reaction). After the seven days have elapsed, the bone is removed from the pot and it will be observed that it has acquired a rubbery consistency, being easy to bend it with two fingers. This phenomenon is due to a chemical reaction, in which the Acetic Acid contained in the vinegar, together with the calcium in the bone, forms a new substance, the calcium acetate. This compound is soluble in water, so it passes into vinegar, leaving the bone depleted in calcium.

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