The DC-03 the best paper glider in the world

We present the Paper Plane DC-03 considered the best paper plane in the world.

But of course, as the best, worst or good is relative, it depends on the objective we pursue, I like to say that it is the best paper glider in the world. Well, in this field it seems that it has no rival.

best paper plane in the world


The DC-3 is a two-piece airplane, which would be the airplane itself, and a tail that attaches to it, although there are personalities in this world, such as the Guinness record holder for the time of a paper airplane in flight, (Ken blackcurn) that consider that the queue is not necessary.

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By the way, the record I think was in about 27 seconds of glide if I have not been out of phase.

Well here are some links and video where they show «how to build the best paper airplane in the world»And the video in case it is easier.

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