BioCoder, magazine about DIY Bio

I have followed her since her birth in 2013 although right now I have many numbers pending to read, but I have already started to catch up ;-)

The magazine BioCoder, is a free magazine from O'Really dedicated to DIY Bio. It is presented quarterly with essays on DIYBio, the DIY but applied to biology, synthetic biology, genetic engineering, etc.

Why do I recommend it? Because a perfect way to introduce you to the world of Bio DIY, but above all because introduces us to a large number of new projects and Open Hardware tools that will make us realize the dimension and importance that DIY is acquiring

BioCoder, o'really's free DIY bio magazine

If you are worried that it is too complicated, calm down. It is not very technical and can follow all the tests even if you have not started in this world, yes, it is in English.

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DIY Bio, biohacking?

New terms appear before us, Bio Makers, Biohackers, Biohacking, DIYBio, BioHackspaces, biohacklabs,… do they sound familiar? They are all the ones we are used to but with the Bio in front. This movement is not as powerful as the Maker, but it does replicate the structure and organization of the maker movement. Normal, in the end it is a thematic niche within the vast world of DIY.

All the advances and tools that are being created as open hardware are applied to different areas and will begin to give great results as they are already doing in biology.

To learn more, start by visiting sites like GenSpace, iGEM (Synthetic Biology),, BioCurious o Biologik they are a good example of what is being done and what is being achieved. There are many many more sites if you are interested in the topic.

Some cool stuff

In their latest issue they teach us to build a gene gun (Gene Gun) which is a machine for transferring foreign genes into a cell bombarding it with microparticles. And for $ 200-300 we can make one at home. Impressive.

This is new for me. A new, exciting world. With every essay I read I am more surprised by what people are doing at home and in home labs. Yes because they are also organized in BioHackLabs around the world. It is the DIY and open hardware applied to biology and medicine.

As I said, one of the reasons why I read the magazine is because I discover new projects that allow me to immerse myself in new topics. Expand the vision that many people currently have where everything seems to end with an Arduino, a Raspberry Pi or a 3D printer, what for? To make robots? Robots for what? Well, we see that there is much, much more if we change the field.

  • Open Insuline. Biohackers studying new ways to make insulin cheaper and easier.
  • Bio Printer. Building a Bio Printer
  • Fly sorter company creating products that are used in laboratories to work with the fruit fly (Drosophila melanogaster), which is one of the most used in experiments.

As well there is business in Bio DIY and it seems like a lot

As I said it is 3 years since the magazine was launched. I believed that a new fashion would be created and that projects would appear everywhere, but in Spain I don't see that anyone is currently talking about this.

If you want to download the numbers go to BioCoder and by entering an email you will have access to all the numbers in pdf, epub and mobi

DIY applied to biology, genetics, medicine, etc.

Anyway, if you want to be informed of new projects and news about Bio DIY, I will talk about them in our news section and of course in our newsletter.

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