How to make a paper boomerang

Three videos to teach how to make a mini paper boomerang.

Very simple, but it works, although I have to warn that it is difficult to find a way to throw it back. Do not expect results like those of the wooden boomerangs or other commercials, but as a random game in a meeting or for children to play it is very good.

I achieved a range of about 30 - 40 cm. So you can try it to see if you can overcome it ;-)

I leave you several more videos, although with any of them it would be enough, since the activity is very simple to execute, although not so much to get the paper boomerang return to you.


Boomerang Blueprints by Pierre Kutek

The following link is so influential in the world of boomerangs that I think it deserves a post to highlight it.

Those who start out like me, or are curious should take a look. Boom experts surely know it, but it is a common source of reference.

This is the website of Pierre Kütek where we can find a database of boomerangs plans with hundreds of available plans

boomerangs planes

Clearly The best compilation of shots of boomerangs that you can find on the internet.


Boomerang with CD or DVD

They say that ignorance is very daring…. and proof of this is my attempt to build a boomerang with a cd, which turned out to be a complete failure.

But thanks to my namesake who has opened a blog, Boomeralia highly recommended, we can see the plans and a prototype of a boomerang with CD

And I take the right to play the CD / DVD

It is a Stanislaus boom, I still don't know who he is and who I would like some reference to

boomerang with cd


Building a boomerang 1

I have long wanted make my own boomerang. There are websites with detailed plans and explanations on the materials to be used and the way of construction.

But as always, I had to prove what I had put into my head, and experience although many people had advised against it.

I was not going to publish this post, but how errors also depend, here is the attempt to build a white-tailed boomerang.

The idea is very simple. I have a boomerang, I make a mold from it and then I just fill it with white glue.

clay and wooden boomerang


How to throw a boomerang

Although in this blog the contents are original or with our addition, we make an exception to post this article on how to throw a boomerang that I think is essential for all those who want to start in this hobby / sport.

Here it goes….

Article and photos taken from boomeralia. from where they allow the reproduction of the article.

Grabbed as you like as long as the flat part is on the outside. It does not matter the shovel, whether it is with two fingers or with the whole hand. You have to be able to

  • Push it forward very hard
  • Give it enough rotation, the most important and difficult thing is to print it rotation

We will grab the boomerang as we want, as long as the flat part is on the outside and the curved part is the closest to our face. Any grip we make works as long as we give it enough strength. The boomerang is caught by the convex part towards the shooter. The flat part always outwards. This sketch is a right-handed

how to throw a boomerang


Building and flying a boomerang

Lets try build a boomerangAlthough basic, it has a perfect flight and will teach us things about aerodynamics that we can apply to other projects.
What is a boomerang? Basically it is a wing that due to its shape, its profile and the type of launch we do, we get it to fly and return to us. Why is this happening? By adequately modeling the wing profiles, we were able to generate low pressure in the upper part and higher in the lower part, thus creating what is called the lift effect "it is as if we changed the behavior of gravity". All these issues will be better dealt with. in another article that could be called Why do planes fly?