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step by step tutorial to navigate with proxy

Browsing with proxy is another way to be able to browse anonymously, or in my case right now to be able to go out in a certain country, that is to say navigate in a way that the webs believe that we are in a certain country ..

The other day I explained how to force TOR, to take us out in a node of a certain country. But once I started with the tests, I could do checks in many countries, but in others like Portugal, I couldn't, because it seems that there are no exit nodes in Portugal and TOR keeps thinking indefinitely.

So I solved the problem connecting to a proxy to simulate browsing from that country.

We have 3 ways to browse anonymously or to pretend that we are in another country. With proxy, with VPN and with TOR. Each one with its advantages and disadvantages. If you are interested I will leave an article comparing them.

Browse through proxy

Here I am going to explain how to navigate through a proxy.

A proxy is another computer that we use as an intermediary. When we navigate with a proxy what we do is connect to another computer that is the one that will make requests to the web, in this way our ip is "not seen". It consists of putting a computer between the web that we want to see and ourselves. And it is very simple, you just have to configure the browser you use well.

Of course this has certain security risks, so I do not recommend proxy access to compromised email accounts, banks or services.

You already know that these examples come because I need to see how some geolocation elements of work websites behave. And in this way I can pretend that I am someone who enters from the country that interests me and I see if the websites work well.

I use Firefox, but it's just as easy on Chrome.

Configure Proxy step by step

The first thing we have to do is look for our proxy. For that, you just have to do a search on Google and we will have dozens of listings. I simply searched for "proxy Portugal" which is the country that interested me.

choose proxy from proxy lists

In the image we see some proxies, we will have to use the IP address, the port and the protocol. It is also important to take into account speed, availability and response, especially if you are going to use it more constantly.

There is also the issue of anonymity, you decide how important anonymity is in the use that you are going to give it

Now we are going to configure the browser, in this case Firefox

We open the Menu> Preferences

firefox browser menus

And in the General option, we will go down to the bottom that is the Network Configuration

Firefox browser network configuration

Click on Settings and a window opens with the configuration of our connection.

configure proxy data in connection settings

I have chosen the first ip with socks v4

It is very important that when you stop using the proxy, change the settings back to "No proxy"

If the protocol was http, then you should have filled in the HTTP proxy. Very easy

Once configured and accepted, go to a search engine and enter one of the websites that tells you your location (which is my ip or what is my ip) and check that it really detects that you are in the country you have chosen and that your real IP is not visible.

With this I have solved the problem of navigating as if I were in a country. Of the three options that we have discussed, it is the one I like the least to browse anonymously, but it is always good to know how it works to have more resources and tools and to be able to use it when it interests us.

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