Tabby. Build your DIY Open Source car

We meet him OSV (Open Source Vehicle) project a platform to build our own electric or hybrid car. It is an Open Source project so we can download all the plans and information necessary to build, manufacture, modify and improve what we need.

how to build a car yourself DIY, the TAbby

In my faculty the urban legend ran that the most illustrious of his professors José Luis Manglano, the man who did not walk but rather levitated, had bought his Porsche 911 in pieces and had assembled it all by himself… well now we can finally imitate him; -)

Within the project there are different parts, the Tabby, which is the vehicle's platform, the Urban Tabby, the commercial and finished version and the engines to be used.


Tabby is a Open Source framework for Vehicles. Right now it is the Open Source part of the project. We can download and use all the information for the construction of the car. As they say with the necessary tools we could assemble the car in 1 hour

The cost of the parts would be between $ 6.000 and $ 8.000, about € 4.000 to € 6.000

[vimeo] [/ vimeo]

It is ideal for learning in universities or other centers

Urban tabby

  Urban Tabby car Open source DIY

It is the commercial part, a Open Source car that they intend to homologate to make it legal to go around with him. The Urban tabby can come as an electric, hybrid or internal combustion car depending on the engine we choose.

[vimeo] [/ vimeo]


IHE the modulable Open motor

As we have said we have 3 types of engines, the electric, one hybrid and the other with internal combustion, all 3 come with versions Limited, Base y Performance, the one with the most benefits, the performance would allow any of the engines to reach about 80 km / h with about 15 kW of power.

The types of motors that we can buy to mount are:

IHE hybrid engine

Open source hybrid engine

Electric motor

Open Source electric IHE motor

Internal combustion heat engine

IHE Open Source internal combustion engine

Although I have seen references to a version High Performance of 25 Kw I have not been able to find information about it.

Much more information in OS Vehicle, the official website of the project.

Futuristic cars

Last month I saw in Pink Tentacle an article about ultra-futuristic car designs. And others from last year, which are less futuristic, he he

Cars at 50 years in sight.hich takes its name from the legendary Japanese warrior Mori Motonari

Mazda motonari rx

That takes the name of legendary Japanese warrior Mori Motonari

mazda motonari rx

Designed as an extension of the body and 100% adjustable

futuristic mazda cars

It presents omnidirectional movement, 360º. Very interesting to see the concept of omnidirectional wheels

omnidirectional wheels

Nissan oneone

nissan one one

And the model that has made me fall in love

Mazda kaan

mazda kaan
mazda kaan
the mazda kaan seen from above
mazda cars of the future
ecological cars

If you like the theme of futuristic cars, with a simple search in our well-known search engine you can see hundreds of car designs really innovative and for me really pretty, although I don't know if they will be very functional.

And also take a look at those that appear in Bing.

A last good link is LA Auto Show where you will see several models from Design Challenge

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  1. We are a team of volunteers from around the world, working to build and publish an ecological and open source modular car!
    Our website is http://WWW.WIKISPEED.COM.

    WIKISPEED is the creator of the "Xtreme Manufacturing (XM)" method, which is being used in many multinational companies around the world!

    In Barcelona, ​​in collaboration with Fablab, we are building an open source electric car.

    We can send more data if you are interested in publishing the project.

  2. Nacho I found a very interesting and important article! Trying to register to download the information from the tabby, I never got the registration email so I'll see how I get it! thanks for providing such good info. luck

  3. The project is very interesting for these times ... the same can be done in smaller vehicles: linear motorcycle ... I will appreciate your answer, Mr. Nacho.

  4. Hello, what good contributions you guys are, a great favor, I'm in my last year of electronics
    and I am looking for a topic or project related to automation with plc, if you have a topic or project already developed, you can pass me the info, please, I would appreciate it

  5. I am interested in the project, I have downloaded the .stp plans but I have not been able to open them, the different software with which I try to open it stops responding, I have a proesador i7 pc, 8G ram, independent 2G win 10 64 bit video card, any suggestions ? Thanks.


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