Carolina Reaper or Carolina Reaper

Carolina Reaper or Carolina Reaper

El Carolina Reaper or Carolina Reaper was the hottest pepper in the world in 2013 with a value of 2 Scoville Units, although its normal range varies between 220 and 000 depending on the scoville scale. A real outrage that will make it inedible. Now there are other spicier varieties like Pepper X.

It is a variety of Capsicum chinense specifically the HP22BNH obtained by Ed Currie from the company PuckerButt Pepper Company. It is a cross between the Habanero chili and the Naga Bhut Jolokia (which I was about to buy this year in a nursery)

Carolina reaper pepper plant (capsicum chinense)

Without seeing the fruit it is indistinguishable from other varieties of Capsicum Chinense such as the Habanero or Cayenne.

chili peppers or carolina reaper size

In the image above you can see the size compared to a 10 cent coin. They are generally small chili peppers.

I leave you how the different years of cultivation have gone and the ideas I have for the next few years.

It's like having hell in your mouth. I consider it a dangerous chili. You have to be careful with children, careful when you touch it, when you cut it, careful if you give one to a friend, etc.

Growing from seed

This year I have planted several plants from seeds that I bought on ebay. For the next few years I already have my own seeds :)


I sow the seeds on December 27 (2018) and despite the fact that they have germinated very soon, the development of the plant has stagnated and they did not grow and bear fruit until September, after I added nitrogen and phosphorus in July.

I have collected the fruits on December 27, 2019, that is, exactly 1 year after planting the seed. I am not clear why. It is assumed, as they say, that from the time we plant until there are chili peppers, 3 months pass but in this case it has taken me 1 whole year.

The yield is much lower than with habaneros or cayenne. I have only taken 11 chili peppers from one bush and 4 from the other. The third one that went ahead has not borne any fruit.

little carolina reaper with her characteristic shape

If after touching the flower or the small chili with our finger we suck it or touch our eye itches. It exudes capsaicin.

The whole cycle has been in a pot. I want to see if it goes better and faster by planting it on the ground.


I will have several plants based on fresh seed again since it is very difficult to find the seedlings.

I was thinking of planting again and now I have doubts. Because I have to be quite careful with the Carolina Reapers, to see if I really find a use for it and if not, as experience it will be enough.

The seeds of last year do not come out. I have had 2 bushes from last year that I have planted in the garden. They have suffered a lot for not being able to treat him with the pandemic and in the end I only took out 1 pepper. I save it for fresh seeds in case I decide to plant


Possibly plant 1 or 2 clumps to hold the seeds

Uses and ideas

I leave an article with several of the uses for the different chilies that come to mind.

This is not a normal spicy. As I said, eating this chili is going to be practically impossible. On a culinary level, I want to try it by letting it marinate in olive oil and then use the oil.

On the other hand I grow the Carolina reaper because I want to test it as a fungicide. You can make an insecticide based on your capsaicin.

And I can think of one more thing.

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  1. I planted it to make spicy oil, which I like on pizzas and pasta.
    I cut them in half and let them dry
    Then I take a bottle of oil, sunflower or olive, and put a couple of chili peppers (years ago I did it with buht jolokia), just this year I planted Carolina Reaper, and it gave me a few chili peppers, I'll see. I have not done it yet.
    Worth trying

    • Hello Daniel. I do the oil too. I have done it with habanero and with Carolina Reaper. It stings a lot, be careful when handling it, if you can, put on gloves because as soon as you touch mucous membranes (nose, eyes, etc.) you will have a hard time.

      You tell me how are you

  2. Hello. I have germinated the carolina reaper plant in containers (mayonnaise of 0,20 in diameter and 0,22 in height. I bought the fruits on ebay and obtained the seeds (I use the fruits in making pickles). In your case, what pot size Did you use it and to what height did the plant grow? On the other hand, is it a plant that bears fruit again or is it a single production? What nutrients do you use (if you do).
    On the other hand, I am also waiting for the fruits of other species such as the yellow pepper, the limo pepper, the chilli and the hot pepper (which have capsaicin) although at the same time I have coriander, parsley, tomato and garlic (plants grown in pot in my Terrace) . If there is a way I will send you photos about it. Thanks for sharing your experience.


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