cayenne in orchard

Cayenne, another variety of Capsicum chinense It is one of the best known and most used spicy, possibly because although it has a high heat, it is tolerable for most people.

It has many common names: cayenne, cayenne pepper, red pepper, chili pepper.

It has 30.000 to 50.000 SHUs in the Scoville scale.

Moment It is the spicy that best suits the palate that we have at home. It offers an intense itch but without being overdone. Others like the habanero they are already going to scale and itch too much and carolina reaperThey are unthinkable for human consumption, hahaha.

This year I want try the jalapenos.

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How to store them

cayenne harvest

I like to eat fresh cayenne, but since there are always too many, you have to think about what to do with them. We can save them in different ways.

  • Dry them and consume them when needed.
  • crush it and make powder
  • crush it and mix it with salt to take spicy salt
  • marinate it with oil to spice up the oil.


These are the notes from my different years of cultivation.


potted cayenne plant

I buy two flowering plants from a nursery. They have a magnificent performance, despite being in a pot they have been filled with cayenne. In the largest bush I have taken 92 chillies in the other 64. This second one almost does not bite so I will not save its seeds

hot cayenne, hot chili peppers


This year I am planting again from seeds from one of last year's plants, the one that was quite itchy.

cayenne capsicum chinense

On 6-2-2020 I soak the seeds and on the 10th I plant them in seedbeds and put them with a thermal blanket and it is not until summer that I start to pick cayenne. What's more, we are in November and there are still green cayennes.

I comment on it because many times it is said that since the seed is planted, you bear fruit in 3 months. But I have never fucked before 5-6 months.

In the end I have planted 7 cayenne plants, but this time instead of being potted, I have transplanted them to the garden. Due to pandemic issues, I have not been able to attend to him properly because I cannot move whenever I wanted.

The bushes have been much smaller than last year and there have also been much less chili peppers per plant. 70 among the 7 plants, a long way from 2019 but enough for home.

spicy cayenne plants

I do not know if in addition to irrigation the land has influenced the land, the land in the orchard has not been fertilized for years and years, and has not been cared for.

By 2021 I would like to try compost.

the cayenne


The forecast is to plant 6 plants, in an orchard, and testing different lands.

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