How to change mac address in ubuntu

Changing the MAC is a matter of privacy. There are different reasons why it is recommended to change the MAC of your device. One of them is if you are going to connect to a public network where there are more users connected.

Remember that the MAC is an identification of the physical hardware, of your network card and is unique to your computer.

It is always recommended, for security, to change the MAC when you connect to a public Wi-Fi network or a VPN.

We have 3 different shapes. We are testing on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

Changing the MAC to a cloned MAC in the Ubuntu configuration menu

Ubuntu Configuration

We're going wireless

wireless networking options ubuntu linux

and then to our WIFI

clone mac address

You will see your MAC address, you just have to enter a new one in the Colned Address. To check the new mac we can put

ip link ls

Changing it with the terminal

view network interfaces in terminal ubuntu
So we see in the first arrow marked our card that will be the wlp4s7

We deactivate the card

sudo ip link set dev wlp4s7 down

We configure the new cloned MAC Spoofed MAC, assigning the one we want to our card

sudo ip link set dev wlp4s7 address XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX

We activate the card

sudo ip link set dev wlp4s7 up

If you want to check that it is changed, do as before

ip link ls

Changing it with MACChanger

We open a terminal and update the packages before installing

sudo apt update

We install MACChanger

sudo apt install macchanger -y

shows us the following screen, to see if we want to change the MAC or default when starting the computer

macchanger configuration option in your installation

I have chosen not.

To check the version we have of MACChanger

macchanger --version

It returns something like

seeing the version of macchanger in console

To see the network interfaces we have, we type

ip addr sh

Once we have seen our interfaces, we choose the one we want to change and we can check it with

 macchanger -s wlp4s7

And from here we have two options to change the mac manually or assign us one randomly. This very comfortable option was not available in previous methods.

To change the randomly we put

macchanger -r wlp4s7

Here -r is random and then we put the interface

to change it manually

macchanger -m b2:ee:83:a7:c7:b4 wlp4s7

where -m indicates manual, then comes the new mac and at the end the interface to which we apply it

After any MAC change, it is recommended to check that e has been changed correctly, as we have done with

macchanger -s wlp4s7

Another interesting option of MACChanger is to quickly return everything to its original state. We will use

macchanger -p wlp4s7

And if you want to uninstall MACChanger

supdo apt remove macchanger -y

or if you want to uninstall by removing dependencies

supdo apt autoremove macchanger -y

How to choose a fake MAC

There are several things to know about the MAC. The MAC is a unique identifier that manufacturers assign to their network cards. They represent 48 bits, in hexadecimal and are grouped into 6 pairs. The first 3 pairs indicate the manufacturer, so if we assign a MAC with

00:1e:c2 we will tell you that the card was made by Apple

With these search engine, you will be able to know who owns a MAC

The change of MAC together with IP hiding techniques that we have spoken about on occasion, are the basis of our privacy on the Internet.

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