Christmas ornament with bottle of wine

Although it is a bit late the festivities are not over yet and we are in time to add a Christmas ornament more to our house.

It's about this christmas lights bottle, made from an old bottle. With what we also have a good way to rrecycle glass bottles

bottle ornament christmas lights

The materials we need are:

  • A glass bottle
  • Gloves and safety glasses
  • A drill and a bit
  • Insulating tape
  • Christmas lights

materials needed for the bottle of christmas lights

The process is extremely simple, but the result is very good.

You just have to do a hole in the bottle. For this we will first put insulating tape where we are going to drill to prevent the bottle from breaking.

You don't have to apply a lot of pressure while drilling. You have to go little by little, even if the process takes time.

preparation christmas ornament recycled bottle

We already have the hole, now we just have to put the Christmas lights inside and enjoy ...

bottle with christmas lights ornament

If you have any ideas to improve it, don't hesitate to leave a comment ;-)

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  1. I am Stuart and I am a telecommunications engineer and the ornament seemed very nice but there is a great risk of heating due to the type of bonbillo used, as a recommendation and safety use devices that do not emit heat such as LED lights that have a better performance and do not produce heat (ad + are friends of the environment)


  2. I am Stuart ing. in Telecommunications, and it seems to me a very nice but highly dangerous decoration, since the bulb used emits a lot of heat and being enclosed within a piece of glass makes it hotter and can cause a fire due to overheating, (the heat generated melts the thin cables and these begin to melt into each other until the heating reaches some fuel and start a fire) they could use another type of light such as LED lights that do not emanate heat (ad + these are friendly to the environment)


  3. And how much is it to have a STEM? I have 4 in my right hand and what I need is time, with all that I can do with those 4 CUTE STEMS… Arm @ ndeus XXI and long live VENEZUELA ………!

  4. I attest to this, a friend has lost a piece of his finger in a drill in a workshop. Beware of gloves and drills that are not good companions.



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