Drainer for coffee capsules

Homemade drainer for coffee pods

I'm going to teach you to do an extremely simple but very effective drainer for coffee capsules. It is so simple that I was wondering whether to do a tutorial or not, because it is not a step by step, it is a single step. But I love these day-to-day solutions that anyone can do with everyday objects.

But what is clear is that anyone who has a capsule coffee maker, in my case the Dolce Gusto, cannot throw the capsule away for various reasons. Because we pollute and because it empties little by little and the garbage drips from you.

If you are a coffee grower you may be interested in these 2 articles on how to make coffee roasters

How to make a bottle strainer

Coffee capsule drainer with a plastic bottle cut in half. valid for all brands. Dolce Gusto, nespresso, Mercadona, etc

I have a drainer made with a half-liter bottle of Coca Cola and it is the perfect measure.

homemade capsule drain

You just have to cut it to a reasonable height as you see in the image.

And put the cap part down. I can fit 2 capsules that are emptied there. Due to the shape of the bottle, any type of capsule of the brand fits perfectly.

bottle for coffee capsules. Simple and very clean

The benefits of this drainer are:

  • it is very simple and cheap
  • it cleans very easily
  • Serves for all types of capsules (Dolce Gusto, Nespresso, Tassimo, Mercadona, etc)

If you want something more developed. A drainer with a certain design that does not clash in your kitchen, see the following sections with some designed for 3D printers or branded products

How to make a large colander for lots of capsules

canister, used to empty the monododsis capsules of dolce gusto coffee, nespresso

For this we can use a normal container, but I recommend the Apetina cheese from Arla (On Amazon). I use that container for a thousand things.

  • To catch fish in the tank while cleaning it
  • to let pots drain
  • and for the coffee capsules

So as is it is ugly but with a layer of gray, black paint or whatever you like, it looks great.

I can't show you mine because we're in lockdown and I don't have them here.

But if you notice it is the same as it iscommercial curridores that I leave you below.

3D Printed Drainers

They are very good. There are some very ingenious and many others that are like the bottle I have used but printed in 3D.

The advantage is that you have a more beautiful accessory. The downside is that you have to have a 3D printer or ask someone you know who does.

Here I leave results of drainboards for Dolce Gusto on Thingiverse. Where you can download your design and print it

Commercial drainers

commercial accessory for nespress capsules, dolce gusto

You always have the option of look for an accessory in stores and cbuy them. There are not many, but some you find. It is the option that I like the least, but I'll leave it to you if it helps. Or if it helps you get inspired and create something.

Instant homemade vacuum-capsules

This is an idea that I have had in mind for a long time. It consists of making with nails, or some cutting surface, a tool that quickly pierces the capsule and empties it instantly.

Rather than letting it drip, you can empty it in a second or two.

How to recycle capsules

Here I would like to differentiate between large-scale recycling of companies and recycling that we can do on an individual level.

On a massive level

Although some companies put points to collect capsules and recycle them, the reality is that most capsules go to waste and that the recycling of those that are recovered is quite complex

At the individual level

We can reuse the plastic ones, for different crafts, but in the end we will have to throw them away, so it is only a way to extend the problem.

In Nespresso's aluminum capsules we could still separate the aluminum and melt them. to use this aluminum in some experiment. They are NOT great solutions, it is not a product that I like to do anything.

I would not use these types of coffee makers.

The problem of capsules and the environment

That single-serve coffee makers have become an environmental problem is nothing new.

Millions of capsules are used per day. Of 9 grams of each capsule, 6 grams are of coffee and 3 grams of wrapping or packaging. When packing such small quantities we need a lot more material than if we packed 1 kg of coffee.

To pack 1 kg of coffee we will need about 110 capsules, and that is undoubtedly an environmental problem.

Because both the aluminum and plastic Nespresso are difficult to recycle because they are attached to the filter. And especially since a large part of the capsules go to waste.

Capsules vs espresso machine

If you don't want to use single-dose capsules, you have the traditional Italian coffee maker. If you don't like it, you think you have to wait too long, because you also have the option of buying espresso machines (I'll leave you some from amazon For you to see)

The advantages of the Expresso, in addition to the quality of the coffee, is that you use ground coffee, so the capsule problem disappears.

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