How to compost

homemade compost and composter

I return to the topic of composting from some videos that I have seen of Charles Dowding which is based on the philosophy of No Dig, No Dig (which we will talk about in another article). Dowding only uses compost in its garden. Compost for everything. And it teaches you both to create it and to use it and as a plant and take care of your garden.

Compost recipes There are dozens, although all are based on the same principle but each one does it in their own way.

I have seen and read a lot of related content and there are people who try to speed it up as much as possible to make the process faster, others who add meat, even cooked food leftovers, but I just can't see that. Adding meat seems like a mistake for this type of aerobic decomposition, another thing is that you compost from urban solid waste, such as those collected in bins, but they are usually done with anaerobic processes and we are talking about something totally different.


How to make a homemade composter with pallets

How to make a composter or homemade composter with pallets

I have started to make compost and I have done a very simple homemade composter with pallets. I leave some photos and some small annotations so that you can see how I have done it and at the end of the article you will see another model made with pallets, imitating compost bins.

I use old pallets that I have been reusing from people or companies that were going to throw them away.

The size I have used are Euro pallets, so you already know the 1,20 × 0,8 m measurement so that the compost bin will have a base of 1m x 0,8m high.


How to make a homemade composter with a drum

home composter with a drum

I have had in mind the idea of make a homemade composter to take advantage of vegetable waste from the kitchen.

I want to investigate more about aerobic, anaerobic and vermicomposters. So I will leave you information, different types of players that I find and some tests that I do.

The holes in the drum are so that it is well aerated and the organic material composts well. Even so, I see several disadvantages to this type of composter.