How to create alerts in Wallapop

This is a simple trick, really a nice setup, of our Wallapop app to notify us when a new product appears that we are looking for. In this way we will not have to always be entering and looking for what is new.

Just We create the alerts we need and it will send us notifications.fications when they post a new product that meets the characteristics we have chosen in the filters.

A clear example is looking for a Nintendo Switch. We can make Wallapop notify us with a notification when someone sells a Nintendo Switch, up to a certain price, with a distance filter, etc.

I explain how to configure the automation.

How to activate alerts

First we enter the application and click on our profile, the icon at the bottom right marked in the image.

activate alerts on wallapop

We go to notifications

see notifications

And in the next menu we have to activate Search Alerts, in the section my searches.

search alerts on wallapop

Now we just have to create and save the searches we want to be notified about.

How to create an alert

We return to the initial screen and search for what we want, for example Raspberry Pi, and select the filters we want, location, price, etc. If you do not filter anything, you will get all the products that come up with the name of raspberry pi

And now very, very important. click on Save Search, the button that appears at the bottom of the screen

how to save a search on wallapop

We already have this search configured. From now on we no longer have to worry about looking for news about this product. It will notify us of the news that comes up. They take a look before to see how the market is and if there is something that interests you.

How to view, edit and delete our alerts

If we want to see the alerts that we have configured and edit or delete them, we have to go to Favorites at the bottom of the screen and then to Looking to at the top and they will all appear listed.

view, edit and delete alerts in the Wallapop app

This automation is tremendously useful. I use it mostly for books I'm looking for, so I don't have to be aware of when they hang a new one.

Another very interesting tutorial is to create alerts in Google. If you like this type of content, comment on it and I'll get the next one. They are of great help to optimize the use of applications and unhook us, because it allows us not to have to constantly be aware of wasting time.

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