How to desalinate seawater at home

It is a tremendously simple water still, although I would not use this water for human or animal consumption, as seen in the video. It can be conjugated with the SODIS method, but we advise against its domestic use. Of course, who knows if one day we will stay in a boat in the middle of the sea or lost on a desert island and we desperately need water. In that case this can save our lives.

These two methods can be very useful in the event of natural disasters. Imagine some area of ​​the planet where there has been a tsunami or large floods. Poor areas where they run out of water supply. These techniques can be essential.

I leave this micro short titled My grandmother Maria presented at the XNUMXst Festival of «The molten firefly». In the video where they explain how to get water from sea water.

How to desalinate seawater at home

The method is very simple.

  • We take a container such as a bowl, a bucket, a saucepan.
  • In the center we put a bottle or glass that will be where we collect the desalinated water
  • We fill the large container with water
  • Finally, we cover the container with a plastic and put it high, a stone for example on top of the plastic, in the center, so that it bulges it

The operation is very simple. The water evaporates and condenses on the plastic and, having the slope, it scrubs and falls into our boat. But watch the documentary if you have any doubts.

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  1. Distilled water is deionized, that is to say, it lacks ions and mineral salts, which when consumed in large quantities produces a biochemical imbalance translated into an urgent desire to go to the bathroom ... to defecate and of course to urinate with the subsequent dehydration. It is advisable to mix it (if necessary) with a small amount of common salt in order to convert it into an electrolyte, the idea is that the salt dissolved in it is barely recognized (what is trapped between the index and the thumb is enough to a glass of water of 200 or 250c.c.)

  2. Distilled water CAN be consumed ... it should only be sterilized ... but it is not suitable because it does not contain minerals and the body needs the minerals from the water for its metabolic processes ... in fact there are countries where drinking water is distilled ...

  3. If a person is lost on an island and if he thinks about all his conclusions that believe that aria? I would not die for lack of water if not for not
    find an obsolute truth waaauuuuu that helps hee.

  4. Let's see, nothing is going to happen to you because you drink a glass of distilled water.
    What happens is that as has already been said here, if you only drink distilled water and do not add mineral salts, it will cause an imbalance in the body.
    In real desalination plants, desalinated water must undergo a remineralization process (add carbonates, etc.) to make it "drinkable".
    If you take a bottle of mineral water you will see all the ions that it has dissolved.

  5. Between distilled and desalinated there must be some difference, I remember having read that to decontaminate or sterilize stagnant water from a flood or even black water, the video is illustrative or in case of emergency and with a great need for water, it is recommended to collect these waters in bottles of plastic for how common they are and leave them one day in the sun what matters is more sun exposure than heat to eliminate most of the germs better not to see what you drink. It is not the same to be close to a population center than to isolate myself, all the home methods of desalinating water that I know need a filter, normally clothing, collecting the water by evaporation by whatever means you have is common, although they say that from the meaos You can also survive because the kidneys are perfect purifiers, of course, you don't have to use this for long. Better not have to go through it.

  6. Desalinated water is water from which you remove the SALT, if it has microbes they are still in it.

    If you remove the salt by distillation, you get distilled water and the microbes, since they do not evaporate, remain in the original water, that is: clean and pure water that you can drink.

    Problem: not having salts does not replenish them to the body and if you drink it continuously it does not kill you…. but you die for lack of salts.

    In the sea, 2-3 tablespoons of salt water are added to each liter of distilled water and with that it is already good to drink.

    If you do it in the desert, what is usually done is to put 2-3 tablespoons of non-clayey sand in a handkerchief and put it in the water for a couple of minutes, as if it were a tea and this returns SOME of the necessary salts. Enough to survive.

    This contribution of salt to the body is not necessary to be made in water, when eating fish and fruits, a large part of the salts that water does not have are already provided.

    Take advantage.


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  8. Distilled water is the purest water on the planet since as I affirm it is only water (H2O) I have been drinking it for almost 4 years since I am convinced and it is scientifically proven that it cleans the kidneys and arteries preventing people from suffering heart attacks and kidney stones since its distillation process is like nature does through the water cycle.

    What you drink as purified water in the containers they sell is nothing more than chemically treated water and if you take it from the tap of the tap what you are taking is Chlorine and minerals (hard water) that sooner or later that Chlorine kills bacteria in the water but it also kills the cells of your body causing cancer and minerals are deposited in the arteries of the legs (varicose veins) and in the arteries of the heart preventing the flow of blood (heart attacks).


  9. My name is Antonio and I am a Canarian, I have not seen anything so simple and magical in my life, that if you go out, that if ions, hematoliths, this that you see in the video, is art mixed with heavenly knowledge, of the purest reasoning. Think about it for a moment, a fishing rod, a couple of buckets, get water like this, it is a door to freedom, you could live on any coast of the world, and I said live not survive, I would be left with the question, this lady who is in The video has been consuming this type of water for a long time, because if it says yes, I do not buy a bottle in my life, in case you can answer me, my mobile 606731363


    The truth is very interesting on both fronts, but one thing is certain the day we stop receiving water through the pipes we will have to draw water from anywhere, because otherwise we die. Now it is good to find out about these things, which in due course will help us ... thank you very much


  11. Distilled water is the purest in the world, so it can be drunk, but the amount you need minerals and if you don't consume them, you die, the distilled water has nothing bad but it doesn't have any minerals either, but if you eat them in food, it's perfect

  12. Distilled water does not contain mineral salts, therefore it removes electrolytes without adding others; You can become dehydrated.

    Osmosis is a process by which the concentrations inside and outside the cells are equalized with the entrance or exit of water.
    When we drink distilled water, the external environment of the cells is very diluted (hypotonic medium). To equalize the concentrations, a lot of water must enter the cells, causing them to swell. If they swell too much they explode and die (plasmolysis).
    Water is absorbed very quickly, passing into the blood. The process that I have explained to you occurs there, in the red blood cells (hemolysis). If many red blood cells die, it can cause death, because they carry the essential oxygen.

    For all this, it is necessary to drink water with salts dissolved in certain concentrations, and it is dangerous to drink distilled water.


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