DIY projects to recycle a CD / DVD player

Today it is common to have at home old CD players or DVDs that we no longer use and are a great hardware source for our DIY projects.

Exploded view and useful parts of a CD DVD player

I am going to disassemble a CD player to see the pieces that we can take advantage of and I leave a list of very interesting projects (instructables) that can be done with each of the pieces. The links are projects in English, but little by little I will try to reproduce them and leave all the documentation in Spanish.

This model is quite old. I think it still works, but since I have 3 or 4 more it has been sacrificed for the article :)

Disassemble, recycle and reuse a CD / DVD reader

Before you go crazy everything comes out without forcing, so if any part you can't remove it is because you haven't removed all the screws and / or tabs. Don't make the sheep by tearing off pieces.

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How to recycle a CD or DVD player

We began to open it carefully. It does not make much sense to give you the instructions on how to open it, since each model is made in a different way. This one came with 3 small tabs, which once moved, allowed one of the aluminum covers to move.

We begin to disassemble the reader

And time is a matter of calmly remove pieces until we get to the interior area that is the interesting one.

Reuse a reader, its cutting

Don't throw away the screws, don't throw anything away. Save that we can reuse everything ;-)

I disassemble a reader the chassis

Here we already appreciate the laser and the brushless motor in charge of spinning the CD. We continue removing screws from the sides, to be able to access the pieces well. As soon as we can, we will also separate it from the electronic board.

Electronic motherboard CD reader

Nothing to review. We are going to keep the plate for now, I have not left any link to reuse it. At the moment it only occurs to me to remove components to reuse them, although all those that are SMD then are very difficult to take advantage of. I like the fat little legs of a lifetime.

Disassemble that disassembles you and we already remove the interesting part of the reader, I detail the image a little more

Front and exploded view of a CD player

  1. CD extraction mechanismLook down to the right is a little motor that we will now see from the back.
  2. Brushless motor.
  3. CD laser
  4. Laser positioning system motor (The tutorial has left us here, because I was expecting a step by step with the screw attached)

If we see this from the back

Rear and exploded view of a CD player

We have a new part, 5 which is the motor that makes the CD player opening system work, 6,7 and 8 are the brushless, laser and the motor from behind.

Well, in case you want it clearer

Guide structure to move the laser

We can continue dismantling. Because this is a non-stop, even then we can tear apart the laser, the brushless and the entire positioning structure, but I'm not going to go so far and I'm going to leave the complete pieces, which is what we will need for the recommended projects

DIY projects with the parts of a recycled CD / DVD player

And now what you were waiting for, those DIY projects to do with reader parts. Well, some projects need additional pieces, it is not only with the reader, for example it is easy for you to need an Arduino board, or the 3 CD / DVD mechanism and if you are going to make a mini-3D printer, you will need an extruder of course.

With the mechanism

Detail of the endless screw and guides to position the laser

Ok, I have spent dismantling and we have the problem that there is no step by step, but see what you can do with these pieces and structure.

With Brushles motor

Brushless and stepper motors for DIY projects

To operate a brushless, it is not enough to connect it to the voltage and, as with a normal DC motor, we will need some drivers to make it work properly.

It is also typical to make an anemometer. I leave the brushless to scratch and see a lot of interesting things about this type of motors.

With stepper motor

Well, as I said, I expected to find a stepper motor like the one you will see in the tutorials, with the endless screw attached, I hope you have more luck than me, hehe

With the laser

Recycled laser from a reader for DIY projects

Beware of the laser, eyes and skin, it can be very dangerous and cause irreparable damage. If you have any questions, do not do these projects.

And with this we end the reader. "I promise" to do the recommended projects step by step as is the custom in Ikkaro. Do you know any more that are interesting?

13 comments on "DIY projects to recycle a CD / DVD player"

  1. I've been following this page from anonymity for a long time (long enough), I would love to be able to help this page by uploading inventions. Could you provide me with introductory books to DIY and engineering? I'm very green in this, but with some good ideas and wanting to learn, I think, you go a long way! :)

  2. Hello Ivan,

    better than DIY books or electronics in general, I think you should focus on projects that you would like to do and from there investigate what you need and learn the electronics, mechanics, programming that you need for them.

    You will have much more fun and when you find out you will be an expert ;-)

  3. And a classic but surprising trick is to use the lens. In size it is like a contact lens, and it is easy to separate ... It becomes easy into a magnifying glass or microscope if it is attached almost glued to any mini photo or video camera, such as a webcam, or a tablet or phone. Wide enough for insects, observe mini-worlds where to entertain yourself photographing ...

  4. Good afternoon, I have read the post, because I have dismantled many readers and I wanted to see that model, and since I miss the stepper motor with attached auger, I have to comment that the most normal thing, according to those I have gutted, is that be like the one in the image, while if you gut a floppy drive, you usually find them with the auger attached. I hope that if you have any left over and you need the engine, you will verify it, because generally based on my experience most of the units use them

  5. Hello, I have a question, I do not understand much about the world of arduino, less about the drivers, so I ask ... can I use a pololu a4988 driver instead of the easydrivers mentioned in the post? since I get half the price.

  6. Hello!
    I am interested in being able to reuse CD-ROMs to listen to music (and even to send the video signal to a screen). I thought that with an Arduino board, I could control the functions, but I have not found any totorial about it. Everyone I've seen talks about disarming readers.



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