Dodecahedron calendars for 2018

2018 dodecahedron calendar

If you're looking for calendar for your desk for 2018, beautiful and that is cheap and easy to build nothing like these printable templates to make dodecahedrons. As you may have already thought, there are 12 faces of the regular polygon, one for each month :) In his day we talked about perpetual calendar, which is another good option to manufacture well in wood, paper or cardboard.

The templates of the assemblies in the article are made with the following online tool, very intuitive and easy to use. It's about a dodecahedron calendar generator.

It is very, very simple. You choose between the two types of dodecahedra that it offers, the year of the calendar, language, if you want the week number to appear or not and the format it generates, which can be PDF or postscript and download.

Online dodecahedron calendar generator

In case it disappears one day, I have posted the pdf with the templates generated for this year with and without weeks in the following sections where I explain how to assemble them.

How to make a regular dodecahedron calendar

Made up of 12 faces that are regular pentagons. These are the pdf templates in A4

Yearly calendar pdf without weeks
Calendar without weeks

Yearly calendar pdf without weeks
Calendar with weeks

When printing it, do not take normal folios, it will be too flimsy, go to higher grammages such as 100 - 120 g / m2, I have chosen a white cardboard, which although it is more difficult to fold gives me a very good rigidity.

template A $ annual calendar 2018 dodecahedron

Notice that there are two types of lines, the black ones and some very finite dotted ones, everything in black has to be cut out and then all the points will be doubled.

Detail of lines of the dodecahedron to mount as a calendar

We cut and begin to fold. It doesn't have much mystery. If you have taken cardboard like me, it will be a bit complicated for you but I think the end result is worth it.

How to make a regular dodecahedron and glue it

To stick it the best is a glue stick, which takes time to dry and gives you play to modify the positions. I'm going to the mark, in this case Imedio, that the Chinese are fatal. When you start to paste you realize that there comes a time when you cannot hit well with your fingers because you do not arrive and you are disassembling what you have already pasted. So I help myself with a letter opener to support the cardboard on the table and press inside.

On the web they recommend to end up hitting the month of November. The truth is that I have not noticed and I have been hitting my free will. We already have a dodecahedral calendar !!

2018 dodecahedron calendar

I leave some more images that I have taken in the gallery,

Rhombic dodecahedron or dodecahedron calendar

The other option we have is to make a rhombic dodecahedron also called a rhomboid dodecahedron., that is, a 12-sided polygon in which all its sides are rhombuses. In this example no glue is needed, each month it is printed on an A4 that we will fold to leave it in the right way and that they are pieces that can be nested between them. It is also very cool.

I was preparing it yesterday when my printer stopped working so I leave the steps as clear as possible, but without being able to make my own calendar :-(

The first is the template, as I said in this pdf there are 12 pages one for each month. In this case, I don't recommend cardboard, you have to make a lot of folds and you won't be able to work.

Rhombic dodecahedron calendar 2018
Rhombic calendar template

Each page is a module that we will later fitHere are some step-by-step diagrams of how to bend and fit.

how to double the months of each module of the dodecahedron

Perhaps in a little more detail thanks to Nick Robinson

How to bend and mount the rhombic modules of the dodecahedron

But anyway I recommend the following video. You will see it much more clearly. It is the same as we do but having smooth faces.

Types of Dodecahedra

After seeing these two examples, I am struck by the doubt whether there are more ways to generate dodecahedra besides with pentagons and rhombuses. So I have started looking for information on dodecahedra and have been overwhelmed by the amount of information out there.

I'm not going to delve into this topic, at least for now. From everything seen, it seems that these two types are the ones that we could use to generate the calendars either as dice, or as a type of figure where to leave things annotated, a calendar, photos, an objective to meet, I don't know, here already everyone's imagination enters.

If you want to know a little more about dodecahedra, dive into Google, there are thousands of things to see.

  • Tri-augmented dodecahedron
  • pyritohedron
  • tetartoid,
  • etc

Please start researching from this English wikipedia entry

If you have any questions or information to complete the entry, do not hesitate to leave a comment :)

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