Double stage water rockets

On some occasion we have talked about water rockets. But what we leave today is rather a work of aeronautical engineering.

It is a two-stage water rocket, which reaches up to 250 meters in height; amazing.

An image of the rocket so that you get an idea of ​​what we are talking about.

How to make a water rocket

Yes; they are water bottles :)Take a look at the video. It has no waste, with slow motion and everything, it has added 2 cameras one to each stage of the rocket and it is great.

As you have seen, this rocket is quite complex, the release of the first stage and the parachutes so that the first stage and the rocket are not damaged when falling.

I have not translated the tutorial on how to make the buggy because it would be too long, but you can find all the information step by step on the author's website, it is really well classified.

  • Basic rocket construction
  • Advanced rocket construction

Wide with a second video of another double stage rocket, the Horizon

En this forum we found additional information

Lots of information about water and double stage rockets in air command rockets

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