How to edit images in batches or batch (in bulk) with Gimp

BIMP GIMP plugin to edit and manipulate images and photos in batch

Use Gimp as a photo and image editor. I haven't touched Photoshop in a couple of years. Even when I was using Windows I stopped using Photoshop because I didn't want to hack it.

There are different ways to modify images in bulk, in bulk, in batches or bulk, whatever we want to call it. But this Gimp extension seems indispensable to me. Allows us scale images, add watermarks, rotate them, change the format, reduce the weight and many other actions that we will do in bulk and in a very short time. You will not believe the amount of time you are going to save.

I use it mostly to edit the images of blog articles. I size them right, add the watermark, and reduce the weight in seconds. But I see it useful for many people besides Webmasters, photographers who want to add watermarks. Or if you are looking to resize multiple photos or images at the same time.

I have changed my methodology. Now to add watermarks I use a Bash script. I leave everything explained here.

I leave you first what it does and then how to install it in case you are interested.

Process images in batch or batch

There is an example of what I do with the articles. Here we already have it installed in Gimp. I leave a video with an example where we scale, add watermark and reduce the weight massively or in batch.

If you like the images more, you have the screenshots and instructions of the process

We open from File> Batjc Image Manipulation

Image manipulation in batches or batch for gimp

The plugin window will appear with different regions and options, which we explain in the video. You can add different effects and manipulate images in many ways. You will see it from the button Add

You can

Resize, cut, add watermark, change format, compress, change brightness, hue, saturation, etc, etc, etc almost any function you find in Gimp.

bimp batch image manipulation plugin for gimp

These are some of the different options. If you enter the Other GIMP procedure there are many more. Go ahead and browse and do some research

Add effects or actions with gimp in bulk

Here we see the menu that appears when we want to scale an image.

menu resize or scale image with bimg gimp

Then we add the watermark, in our case we choose an image that we already have as a fly for this

Add watermark in batch or batch

And finally, we reduce the weight of all the images before uploading them to the web.

how to change image format and compile them in bulk

With the Action Sets created, we only have to choose the images to edit and define an output folder. You will be surprised by the speed at which the images are edited. I do not know why I have been so long without using it.

How to rotate images in bulk

I leave a video with a particular example to rotate the images that serves us for the theme of the digitization of books.

How to install BIMP (Batch Image Manipulation Plugin)

If you liked it you will have to use GIMP which is a free and multiplatform software and then install the BIMP plugin

Other methods of batch image editing


This is David Batch Processor, a mini program for massive image editing. It does not depend on GIMP and I have not tested it but I intend to

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  1. Now in windows, already in the middle of 2019, the best thing is, directly, to install GIMP 2.10, which has this function integrated. All the best.


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