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After watching this video, I am sure you will be looking forward to build your own electric kart. The one in the video is about a homemade electric car, home made as the americans call it

Neurotikart home electric kart demonstration

And if you are not clear, look at how the evolution of this works card to be totally convinced of wanting to do one. 6 battery instead of 4 and that reaches 85 km / h

Video demonstration of the Neurotikart 2 homemade kart

Well, in Neurotikart, they show us how to make a homemade electric kart. Well really the second video and what you can see in the image. I leave the link.

UPDATE. The web no longer works :-( but I have been able to recover videos of its manufacture. Enjoy them and download them while they are available :)

How to build the Neurotikart electric kart step by step

Using a golf kart engine


how to make an electric kart

Of course, although I have not seen him say what it has cost him, it does not have to be cheap precisely.

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  1. I have a 25 hp and 3800 rpm motor but the voltage is 220 volt and it consumes 60 watts in the 12/220 volt circuit but the amperage of the battery is affected and the final wattage decreases too much. .



  2. Hello, I am interested in the project, could you make a video of how to assemble the electric karting… Greetings

    many graciass

  3. I need help, I'm going to do it with a motorcycle gearbox and two batteries, an alternator, an ac motor, an inverter and a frequency variator ... thanks

  4. Hello. I ask: what type of motor can be used to build an electric cart for two people? I need technical data such as amperage consumption in an hour and the working voltage and what type of battery would be used. Thank you


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