775 engines

dc motor 775

International shipments may take up to 775 motors are direct current motors used in many projects and that I think are very little known to people.

When we talk about these types of engines, the 775 refers to the motor size that is standard. In this way we can find 775 manufactured by different brands, with different operating voltages and different power, with 1 set of bearings or with two. But what everyone respects is the size of the engine.


How to make a Curie Effect Magnetic Motor

Thanks to an input from The tao of physics, I know the Mannetic Curie Effect Engine.

The motor is based on a property of ferromagnetic materials discovered by Pierre Curie, which is that after a certain temperature the materials lose their magnetism and are no longer attracted to magnets.

how to make a curie effect magnetic motor


Mendocino Solar Engine

El Mendocino Engine is a electric motor that magnetically levitates and uses solar energy. The beauty of the engine is watching it run while floating in the air. It really looks like magic.

Formed by two different parts, the magnetic system that makes it levitate and the electromechanical part of the motor that makes it turn. The motor has four faces (square section) around an axis, which form the rotor. The rotor block has two sets of coils and a solar cell attached to each side. The shaft is horizontal and has a magnet at each end.

Mendoza magnetic solar motor


Build an AC motor

I have found a website where they show how to build a simple single phase ac motor. I think it is important to emphasize that it only works with one phase.

The engine is made with materials easy to find and developing the engine from the theoretical bases of electricity and electric motors.

I remember when in college I started study electrical machines, they started teaching us a ideal single turn motor. And from here on, they developed it more and more until they got all kinds of engines, but always based on the same principles.

basic motor alternating current