Bedini Energy Generator

Bedini's rally was followed by Jim Watson, a research scientist living in Colorado, Springs. Watson presented two working devices similar to that of John Bedini. Watson's smallest device worked throughout the presentation and the audience could see that the battery was constantly recharging. The largest device, which weighed 800 pounds, was only revealed for 10 minutes due to practical reasons. During this time, a constant 12kw load was removed from the device. The device was powered by two 12v car batteries.


Building a Homemade Steam Engine

Via Argentine Modeling
I have found these instructions on how to build a simple steam engine that works quite well.

Motor parts:

  • The piston is turned on a bronze screw
  • The one-piece bronze cylinder that is used in gas that is hexagonal (one of the flats I use as the engine valve) of cylinder head use a copper coin soldered with tin
  • Use a piece of aluminum heatsink as a joint between the cylinder frame and the cylinder bracket.
  • A piece of bronze already finished with four faces that takes it out of an electrical terminal block is the piece that supports the cylinder and is in charge of feeding the cylinder with steam
  • A key that I take out of a gas cylinder for air conditioning as a stopcock for the boiler which I will control with a servo.

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How to build a window motor

He hasn't sent us anything for a long time and his work is always top quality. Here we have another project by Jorge Rebolledo is about a window motor, Let's enjoy it.

Unlike the other articles, I first post the youtube video, where it explains the operation of the window motor and then a sequence of photographs.


This is a very easy way to build a coil by hand, with three magnetic cables wound on a plastic platform conveniently assembled to receive the cables around the rotor.


Build an AC motor

I have found a website where they show how to build a simple single phase ac motor. I think it is important to emphasize that it only works with one phase.

The engine is made with materials easy to find and developing the motor from the theoretical bases of electricity and electric motors.

I remember when in college I started study electrical machines, they started teaching us a ideal single turn motor. And from here on, they developed it more and more until they got all kinds of engines, but always based on the same principles.

basic motor alternating current


Build a Bedini engine

As always Jorge Rebolledo surprises us with a new project.

In this case it is about the construction of a Bedini engine, which by the way I have never heard of, and on the Internet I have not found much information.

This engine like the Newman engine, is based on electromagnetic induction. This motor also has neodymium magnets.

The same was used Newman Motor Circuit (Lindermann Circuit)
build bedini motor, electric motor


Build a Newman Engine

Here you have the first of a series of articles where the construction of a Newman's engine.

The author, as on many other occasions, is Jorge Rebolledo. I have never heard of this type of engine, let's see what we can learn ...

How to make a Newman motor

Engine parts or components.

  1. Circular base
  2. Methacrylate supports
  3. switch
  4. axis of rotation
  5. neodymium magnets
  6. Bearings
  7. counterbalance
  8. magnetic wire

We will give 7 turns of magnetic wire to our motor.

newman electric motor


How to build a Stirling engine

After starting to blog about the stirling machine, our collaborator, Jorge Rebolledo has sent us an exploded view of the construction of a machine that he has made inspired by a video found on youtube.

Because it is too big, we are going to divide the construction of the machine into three articles.

Here goes the first one.

Stirling machine by Jorge Rebolledo

styling machine


Eolipíla or Aeolus of Heron

La Eolipila or Aeolus of Heron is considered as the first heat engine in history.

Its inventor was the Greek engineer and mathematician Heron of Alexandria (The Elder) of the XNUMXst century AD Heron is considered one of the greatest inventors of all antiquity, his studies and works are representative of the Hellenistic era.

Of his best known inventions are Heron's fountain and the Eolipila (aelópilo or aélópila) of which we are going to speak next. In addition to multiple studies on mathematics, optics and pneumatics of which he was the inventor.

eolipila or heron's aeolus

La Aeolipila, It is formed by a hollow sphere from which two curved tubes come out through which the water vapor comes out and makes it rotate.