How to make artificial snow

How to make homemade artificial snow

I've long wanted to try make artificial snow. This is a craft that will help us decorate our nativity scene at Christmas or if we make a model with the little ones and we want to give it a touch of realism with snow. Or just to get their hands dirty and have a blast.

I have tried 5 different methods to have artificial snow, I show them and compare them throughout the article. Internet is full of tutorials on how to make snow with diapers And it seems to me a disastrous activity and not suitable for children.

After a first frustrated attempt, I have liked the experience so little that I have looked for a more method to make homemade artificial snow, in a much safer, more spectacular way that you can easily do with your children. Below you have it all.

If you want commercial products to get artificial snow, fake snow or instant snow, we recommend these.


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How to make invisible ink

We leave three methods to make invisible ink at home and easily.

First and perhaps the most elaborate consists of introducing steel wool shavings, which we remove from the scourers, into the lemon juice and let it rest between 7 and 15 days.

Invisible ink with lemon

steel wool to make invisible ink


The Bouncing Egg - Chemistry Experiment

Interesting, the experiment that they send us at my daughter's school. It's about a simple experiment to do with our childrenI know how to introduce them in the wonderful world of science, although with this we may be conditioning them.



El human It is made up of a multitude of compounds that perform a specific and vital function for it, for example, calcium has a structural function (bone hardness). When dipping a pickled bone and leave it for several days, you can see how it softens and can even bend or break with your fingers. This is because heacetic acid (vinegar) solution "steals" minerals from bone by reacting with them and generating, for example, calcium acetate. In this way, the amount of calcium is decreased, which causes a osteoporosis extreme.