Traditional wooden games for outdoor events and parties

Large wooden maze that 2 people have to move

I have already met twice this year with classic games and riding activities for children during events at village festivals. They are games made of wood, very basic and simple things but they love them. Some to play alone and others to do it in pairs or as a team

I want to make some for the summer to be able to play with my daughters and my nephews, taking advantage of the woods that we have that are being damaged by being outdoors. This article is a compilation of those that I have been able to take photos and of those that I remember. There was a day when there were so many people that I couldn't take photos. In all the games we can make a multitude of variations both in rules and variations in construction. The notes are as a reminder.

You can have a good gymkhana with all this. I separate the games into 2, those of skill and those that are motor and balance activities.


Jenga Rules

Jenga Rules (How to Play Jenga)

The jenga or yenka

Jenga It is played with 54 wooden blocks, the length of which is 3 times their width. The blocks are stacked forming a tower. Each floor has three blocks, and the top floor is placed perpendicular. Therefore at the end there are 18 floors. But this looks much better with an image.

If you like the game, surely you will also like Suspend

jenga game by hasbro

Once the tower is built, the person who built the tower starts the game. Here the movements consist of taking a block from any floor and placing it neatly on top of the tower. .


Rubik's cube 2 × 2 to be built by children

A few weeks ago, David, an elementary school teacher, wrote to me asking if I could help them with the 2 × 2 rubik's cube design for kids.

2x2 rubik's cube

They wanted to make a math project for children around the Rubik's cube . I immediately sent him the items to build magnetic rubik's cubes with diceplatforms, 2 × 2 and 3 × 3 but their needs were different and they came with simple premises.

  • It has to be built by 10-year-olds, so we forget about elaborate and dangerous tools and processes
  • and it has to be cheap, very cheap

although everything must be said, they only wanted a minimally manipulable cube.

My solution is this 2 × 2 Rubik's cube of cardboard and magnetic paper And if you do for a class it will cost € 1,5 per bucket approximately, if you only want to do one you go up to € 3 or € 4


MIT - the lockpicking bible

We attach the translation of the MIT, a document considered as the Lockpicking Bible.

Although if you prefer something that sounds better, it is a indispensable document for initiation to locksmith. It is a subject that catches my attention. If you talk about locksmith it is totally accepted, but if the word lockpicking appears, it seems that you are going to commit a crime. But we'll talk about this another day ;-)

how a lock works

With this document you will learn


Steady Pulse Game

Today by chance I found my ESO Design and Technology book by James Garratt from Akal Ediciones. ... Read

Jenga Gun

We have already talked about Jenga and its rules in Ikkaro. Surely many of you have played, and it is the Jenga players, (sometimes called Infernal Tower) who are going to love this entry.

The tutorial consists of how to make a pistol propelled by a rubber band to play Jenga. It is a homemade wooden pistol. With it we can remove the pieces no matter how complicated they are without using our hands.

Wooden gun to play jenga