Template generator to build gears

Reading Microsiervos, I have seen that they were talking about a web application where we can generate templates for the construction of gears or cogwheels.

It allows us to print the templates so that we can carve our wheels in wood or plastic.

generator gears or sprockets

It is a very good way to build big cogwheelsIn this way we can create the profiles so that they mesh perfectly, correctly transmitting the force and according to our needs.

Gear Plane Generator

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We can find a lot and very good information about Gear in the wikipedia and in Down

(Update 14-1-2019)

I add online simulator services to generate gears

And simulators of levers and pulleys

If you know more simulators do not hesitate to commit and we will make a good compilation. Without a doubt, they are very interesting resources for both teachers and students of technology.

5 comments on "Template generator to build gears"

  1. How interesting my congratulations, I had the need to make wooden and metal gears by hand. this will allow me to make them to adapt them to the parts that I manufacture

  2. Good morning my name is Oscar I would like to buy the gear generator program to make them out of wood.
    how can i get it.
    thank you and congratulations.

  3. Hello Oscar.
    I have read your contribution of sites to generate gears, but there is none free. The only one you say is online, does it allow you to print the gears in real size? What?.
    In any case, thanks for the information. Greetings.


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