How to make plastic from milk or Galalith

figures made with Galalith or milk plastic East experiment it is tremendously simple. Although what is actually formed is not a plastic, but casein, a milk protein, but the result of the experiment looks like a plastic ;) Someone is calling it Bioplastic.

As a curiosity, comment that this substance was patented in 1898 and that years later Coco Chanel I would use the «milk stone»Or Galalith for their Fantasy jewels.

Other names given to Galalith are: Galalite, milk stone, milkstone.


We need:


How to make artificial snow

How to make homemade artificial snow

I've long wanted to try make artificial snow. This is a craft that will help us decorate our nativity scene at Christmas or if we make a model with the little ones and we want to give it a touch of realism with snow. Or just to get their hands dirty and have a blast.

I have tried 5 different methods to have artificial snow, I show them and compare them throughout the article. Internet is full of tutorials on how to make snow with diapers And it seems to me a disastrous activity and not suitable for children.

After a first frustrated attempt, I have liked the experience so little that I have looked for a more method to make homemade artificial snow, in a much safer, more spectacular way that you can easily do with your children. Below you have it all.

If you want commercial products to get artificial snow, fake snow or instant snow, we recommend these.


Homemade spray rocket

One of the simpler rockets and effective I've seen, and I've seen quite a few ;-) It works by burning some type of aerosol, a deodorant or similar spray, the more flammable the better.

I've put it on my to-do list. But while I decide to do it I leave you with the video. Very very simple. And as soon as we do ours, we hang it up with the improvements we make ;-)


Infinity led mirror

Hello everyone.

Today I come to introduce you how to make a mirror with LEDs that create an infinite tunnel. It's a cool optical effect and I want to share it with you.

The project has taken me almost a month to get all the materials. I have made a small video of how it turned out and I apologize in advance for the quality of it.


How to make a homemade idiot

If you watch the show The Anthillsure you've ever seen The idiot. That device (headphones) that cause stuttering hearing your own voice with a delay of a few milliseconds as you speak

The way of make a homemade idiot it is extremely simple, we only have to download a DAF (Delayed Auditory Feedback) that will do exactly that, return our words with the delay in milliseconds that we tell it.

How to make the homemade El Hormiguero idiot

Distorter, the Idiot in board game

There is a Hasbro game on Distorting which does exactly this and is vizsually more appealing to family play than just downloading the software. I leave you the purchase link

DAF for Windows


How to make a homemade rotomoulding machine

I was looking for how to make a homemade plastic injection machine. I have some simple ideas because I need something very basic, but I wanted to see what's on the internet.

And looking for the injection machine I found one home rotomolding machineAlso very interesting :)

how to make homemade rotomoulding machine


How to make hot cold gel

You do sports? Do not? Well, I'm sure you know someone who does it and who arrives full of bruises, overloads, etc. and they say that sport is good ;-)

The other day after a long training session, I came home with my knee hit and the typical thing to do, ice. At home I had a 3M hot and cold gel bag But why buy one when you can do it?

gel cold heat 3m

There are traditional home solutions that use frozen bags of peas or rice to apply cold. Although it serves as a temporary measure, they have the disadvantage that they cannot be reused and that they do not serve us to apply heat.

How to make cold heat gel packs


Double stage water rockets

On some occasion we have talked about water rockets. But what we leave today is rather a work of aeronautical engineering.

It is a two-stage water rocket, which reaches up to 250 meters in height; amazing.

An image of the rocket so that you get an idea of ​​what we are talking about.

How to make a water rocket

Yes; they are water bottles :)