How to make a homemade composter with pallets

How to make a composter or homemade composter with pallets

I have started to make compost and I have done a very simple homemade composter with pallets. I leave some photos and some small annotations so that you can see how I have done it and at the end of the article you will see another model made with pallets, imitating compost bins.

I use old pallets that I have been reusing from people or companies that were going to throw them away.

The size I have used are Euro pallets, so you already know the 1,20 × 0,8 m measurement so that the compost bin will have a base of 1m x 0,8m high.

The rear pallet is held against a wall. and the sides we simply let them fall and we put rods on them so that later with the weight or by the wind they do not fall

Here we can see several corrugated steel rods driven into the ground that prevent the structure from dismantling.

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I have closed the front with a half europalet, with rods on the inside and outside. As soon as I fill the compost pile I will go up or change the front part.

In the next image you can see another three rods and it is rigid enough. It also has the advantage that it can be easily dismantled and moved to another location, because the chosen one will not be the final one.

I have covered the sides, with cardboard to keep the heat better, but I do not have if this will prevent it from airing well. I will control the stack and if I see it necessary I will remove them.

Finally, I have covered the composter with a canvas to prevent it from spoiling if it rains a lot.

We have the How to compost guide and you can also see another composter made with a drum. Or see this other model that we talked about for a long time also built with pallets but much more elaborate. It takes a lot of work although it is more beautiful

Old composter based on pallets and wood

In this case there is a visually much more beautiful composter. It is also built from pallets but as you will see by disassembling, cutting and joining the slats of the pallets.

homemade composter with pallets

To achieve the structure, we disassemble a pallet and use the cut-to-size woods to put them on another.

how to make composter with pallets

wooden pallet beam for composter

And a sketch of the structure, when we started to build

structure of the home composter

Some details of the compost construction.

composter joints construction detail

construction detail

Some front boards are left so that they can be removed to aerate the compost.

aerator for composter

As reinforcement to prevent the pallets from opening, iron is placed in the ground.

composter reinforcement

The same is done in the upper part with custom bent iron rods.

composter reinforcement rods

Here we can see the results of our composter with pallets

composter rods

Compost already prepared

how to make homemade compost

Our raw material for compost, home grass.

lawn composter

products to make homemade compost

The original article by bee-eaterWe see it in the Info Jardín forum.

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