How to arch a bike wheel

Let's see how to make an arch with the rim of a bike wheel. In principle it will not be a very powerful bow, but it is necessary to be able to use it at a distance of about 20 meters, and be able to have fun with a target. 

Arch made of a tuned bike wheel

As a child I I have made dozens of bows, with all kinds of branches, wood and plastics. Using ropes, bike tubes, etc but it had never occurred to me to make a bow this way. And I have an old wheel with which I already know what it does.


How to make a homemade Trebuchet catapult

Sure you like catapults, everyone likes them :) And if we can make them bigger, better than better.

This that you see in the image is a trebuchet catapult. There are hundreds of ways to do this catapult. From gigantic models, as an old medieval castle assault weapon to small and super homemade models

how to make a trebuchet catapult


How to make a crystal arrowhead

The theory is very simple, although I think that in practice it will get quite complicated.

This technique reminds us of the way carve stones to get arrowheads in prehistory. And it is very similar to the image that shows us a obsidian arrowhead called volcanic glass.

how to make an arrowhead

Take advantage of the curves at the base of the glass bottles for the shape of the arrowhead. You do not have to choose bottles with bases neither very concave, nor very convex.


How to make bamboo arrows

A while ago we saw how to make a bow and we have some of the most viewed models for writing posts.

But that bow is missing arrows. Nowadays they are usually made with carbon fiber rods, but here we want to show you how to make traditional arrows with bamboo poles.

how to make traditional bamboo arrows


Office weapons

In this article we are going to talk about creating office weapons u Office Weapons. Weapons that can be created with common office items, paper clips, erasers, pencils, pencil sharpeners, etc. Attention, although they seem harmless, some of these gadgets can be dangerous. Handle with great care.

CAUTION: Like other office weapons, it can be very dangerous and cause damage. Use with caution.

Catapult with clips

We start with the section of Office Weapons o office weapons.

In this case we show how to make a catapult with clips and a rubber band.

make catapult with clips

This simple catapult It is made up of two parts. On the one hand the support and on the other hand the counterweight, which will be activated by an elastic band

Let's see the construction of the support in two simple images


Homemade compressed air rifle

The other day we left a video of a tutorial on how to make a homemade rifle step by step

Today we expand with some interesting videos

3D model of the rifle.

Construction of a compressed air rifle in three parts: