How to cut SIM card from mini SIM to micro sim and nano sim

I get my Google Nexus 4. I'm going to try it out and realize it uses Micro SIM :-(

The logical solution is to go for a SIM card duplicate, but they charge € 5 (yes, it was free before) So you have to look for a homemade solution and this goes through trim the card at home to convert the mini SIM to Micro SIM.

types of SIM, mini SIM, micro SIM and nano SIM card

Yes, I know that after spending € 300 on a mobile, raking € 5 doesn't seem like much, but this has become a personal matter.

Actualización: Today, pre-cut cards come, so it is very easy to change from one size to another. But if you have an old SIM this trick will still work for you. If you save the € 5, have a coffee to my health

Well, before we cut like crazy, a little about SIM card

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There are 4 types

  • la SIM (1FF) sized like a credit card,
  • mini SIM (2FF), which is the most used right now, and that we all call SIM,
  • la micro SIM (3FF) carrying many new devices
  • y nano SIM (4FF) still smaller and the newest of all, here almost everything is chip.

The contacts are the same, so we can cut them without problems that the chip will work well, what's more, not long ago in the company stores, to give you a microsim they cut it with a little machine. But surely they have seen that charging € 5 for a new one is more profitable ¬¬

The measurements of the cards are

sim card and micro sim size

but at the moment of truth, at least in the nexus 4, the microsim is too thick and you have to sand the back part a bit, otherwise it won't fit.

How to cut a SIM card

Let's go to the mess, to cut from a mini SIM card to a micro SIM or a nano SIM we download the template that I have left as a pdf in an attachment (courtesy of Airportal) At the end of the article we have left a template in pdf, which you must print.

The necessary materials are (tape, marker, ruler, scissors and sandpaper)

Materials to cut SIM card to micro SIM and nano SIM

We will place the card in the template,

SIM card cutter template

Very important, you have to hold the card to the template with tape so that it does not move when cutting, you have to be very precise.

Fix SIM card with tape to the template

And now with a rule to mark. This is the key point of the modification. When marking, put the rule so that you always paint the outside, that is, if we have marked wrong, it will always be larger than small, since reducing the size is always possible and if we do it on the inside, it may be the micro SIM too small. Don't worry about it being too big for you and it won't fit in, then we will adjust the size with the sandpaper.

How to mark a SIM card to get a micro SIM

And we already have our card marked and ready to cut. And we cut !!! very carefully. If you not only remove plastic without removing the edge of the chip, quiet it continues to work.

card marked for micro SIM

We will have an irregular cut and we will have to sand with a fine-grained sandpaper.

sand sim card to adapt size

And remember what we have said, it is possible that not once you fit the SIM in the mobile card holder it does not go in because it is too high, because you sand the back of the card, you don't need much.

cut sim card

In the image above, it is clearly seen the need to sand the card to leave the edges uniform and adapt the size that we have left a little large. Important. The nanosimIt is also thinner, so we must sand the back to reduce the thickness.


Remove thickness if not then problems come because the card enters but we can not eject it again

And here we have the result :) Look at the back part sanded and without drawing so that it fits well into the Nexus 4.

modified micro SIM card

If it turns out wrong, don't worry too much either, because your SIM was going to be deactivated, so you haven't lost anything.


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