How to find duplicate books with Caliber

Duplicate book search options in Caliber

When we have a virtual library of several thousand books it is inevitable to have duplicate books.

If we use Caliber for managing our library, It is very simple find and remove these libros, ebooks, repeated. We just have to install the plugin "Find Duplicates" 

How to install Find Duplicates

We leave the tutorial made with Caliber 4.99.4 Find Duplicates version 1.10.7

The first thing we are going to do is install the plugin find duplicates. For this we are going to Preferences

How to install find duplicate in Caliber so that I can see duplicate books

And we enter Accessories

Caliber preferences menu

A window will open where we can search for the add-ons we have installed to manage them (update, delete, etc.) or install a new one.

In our case we are going to Get new plugins

How to manage plugins in Calibre

In the new screen you just have to look for Find Duplicates above, select it and click on Install

How to install plugins in caliber

We will get several notices to grant permissions that we have to accept and that's it. We already have our complement Find Duplicates installed in Calibre. Now we just have to see how it is used for find duplicate ebooks in our library.

How to find duplicate ebooks in our library

Open the plugin options. An icon will have been installed in the top bar of Calibre. If you don't see it, it's because it's hidden because Calibre doesn't show 2 rows of icons and you just have to open the dropdown

how to find find duplicates in caliber

This will show us the icon and clicking on it will open multiple search options for duplicate ebooks

caliber plugin to find duplicate ebooks

When clicking we will see the options with which we can play

Where is find duplicates

The normal thing is to Search for duplicates of books and the following screen appears. It allows us to search for repeated books by Title, ISBN, or by binary comparison.

duplicate ebook search options with caliber

We can also search for library duplicates

duplicate library search options

We do a search with the option of books and it shows us two duplicates

duplicate or repeated books in our virtual library with caliber

We just have to delete one and that's it.

There are many options in the plugin to continue testing and squeezing it thoroughly.

If you are interested I have left a video explaining How to install and use "Find Duplicate" in Calibre.

Do you know of any other useful or interesting caliber plugins? Caliber is a great online library manager. If you like the theme I will continue leaving tutorials.

Official sources

If you want to investigate more about the plugin here you have several official channels

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