How to make a rocking woodpecker

Curious kids toy that we can do with them easily. It is a woodpecker that, as it goes down the elastic band, oscillates as if it were pecking the trunks

woodpecker paper toy

Here we see it in action. The idea comes from Science Toys, which has a more "minimalist" model but as always Joel makes those fascinating designs. You have to see how things improve when they are beautiful.

This is how it is done. Step by Step

We only have to draw our woodpecker as we see in the figure, symmetrically. And in the center put a 2,5 cm long tube. This tube can be a piece of bic pen, a straw, or made into a rolled and glued paper ring.

how to make the paper woodpecker

And that's it, a rubber band is inserted inside and the children take it by the ends and tighten it as seen in the video.

oscillating woodpecker of paper

I have attached Joel's template in real size so that you can print and make the woodpecker.


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