How to make a wooden bowl

I have come across this Instructables, where they teach us afopen wooden bowls.

Not the typical round but the ones that come with slats and I've always wanted to know how they were made.

how to make a wooden bowl

And the truth is that it is tremendously simple. They are constructed from slats glued together and cutting 45º circular rings, but we better see.

In the image we see the final bowl and the wooden slats from which we started. You can play with the final colors ;-)

materials to make a bowl

For lovers of measurements, here are the plans, be careful that the measurements are in inches. Here you have a converter of inches in cm

bowl construction plans

The first thing to do is take the slats and glue them, so that we leave the board that we will use to make the bowl.

Once the board is ready, we will draw concentric circles with the measurements of the plane.

draw circles for the bowl

Here comes the most complex step and in which we require specialized machinery to be able to cut the wood at 45º

cut slats at 45 degrees

These are the rings that we will obtain and that we only have to put one end of another and glue

pieces of the bowl or wooden bowl

Look closely when putting the pieces together so that the drawing agrees.

gluing the pieces of the bowl

We close with the base of the bowl

bowl or bowl

and for it to stick well we apply weight. This one has lost the weight of science, hehe

paste bowl

And with this is almost everything, we sand, varnish and have our finished bowl.

More details Instructables

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